Turkey insurance (free)

Turkey insurance:

Given what my SO does to a turkey, we’d probably be heavily rated.

Why didn’t you tell us about this in time for us to buy our turkeys there?

If they are free turkeys being dropped from a helicopter, I don’t want any part of it.


My wife is heating our 8lb ham. It’s only up to 50-something degrees, but plenty of time yet.
However, I didn’t think the ham was 8 lbs, I thought it was more when I bought it, so I checked the tag.
The left side had been ripped, so it was really something like 10.58 lbs @ $1.29/lb = $13.65 except she didn’t see the 10.5 and so she used the 8.
Somehow she thought the weight would be rounded to the nearest whole number?

Enjoy your ham. At our local grocery store hams are labeled and priced to the nearest .01 pound.

We’re having Thanksgiving lasagna (Stouffer’s), slightly later than planned since I was late starting to preheat the oven.

Use a thermometer, and don’t worry about exactly how big the ham is. Large, medium, and small are the only measurements you really need to roast.

I wish turkey insurance covered things like kids who don’t like turkey at all. Or stuffing. Or ham. Which, I guess I’d need ham insurance instead. Wonder if I could get a multiple-peril policy to cover both.

If you serve ham and turkey and five people get sick, is that one claim or five? How many people have to get sick before it gets its own cat code?

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It doesn’t look like coverage for getting sick. The article says you are covered in the event of an “overcooked, undercooked, burnt [or] dry” turkey, according to Whole Foods’ website. And the payout is a $25 gift card for each bad turkey.