Trying to figure out VEE. Do I have SRM?

I’m sorting out my VEE credits now and I think I should have transition credit for SRM. But it’s not showing up on the SOA site, and my communications with the SOA are opaque.

My understanding:
previous transition ----> VEE Statistics
VEE Statistics --------> VEE Applied Stats & SRM

And I have VEE Stats which should transition to VEE Applied stats and SRM - but there’s no SRM in my account. So, I asked the SOA, and here’s the response:

Our database is configured such that the year 2000 education system and all subsequent education systems are in the database together. We do any conversions behind the scenes programmatically. Actuarial employers in North America are very familiar with this but if you have to explain this to anyone you should use the link from our website showing the conversion between the previous system and the current system: ASA and CERA Curriculum Changes Transition Rules | SOA

Here is a link to the conversion rules from the year 2000 system of education to the year 2018 system: Transcripts - Conversion Mapping for 2000 Education System to 2005 Education System | SOA

We hope this helps you understand why we do not place conversion credit on SOA transcripts.

In fairness, my exams are spread out across a number of transitions are frankly a mess. So it’s not surprising that there may be some confusion.

On your transcript, how does your applied stats VEE appear? On mine, it appears as “VEEAPPSTATS”. I didn’t have to take SRM, and there isn’t anything that indicates I received credit for it on my official transcript. However, when I sign into “My SOA” and look at “My Educational Pathway”, it shows I have the credit for SRM.

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vee stats looks the same as yours. However I don’t have access to myeducational pathway as far as I can tell.
Seems like a simple question that the SOA could answer.