Truths that COVID revealed

  1. It is possible to reduce pollution.
  2. Many of the lowest paid people are essential to its functioning.
  3. Working from home can be productive for millions of people with the right technology.
  4. Epidemiologists are not just chickens saying the sky is falling.
  5. Mental health is getting long overdue attention.
  1. Way more people than I thought are actually self centered assholes. :frowning:
  1. Bars are really boring when you can’t wander around and have to sit in assigned seating.
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Kinda like high school classes, no?

Yep, and many of them are related to me.


Not to mention all of the (way-)off-center assholes. :man_farmer:t3:

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you’re just learning this now?

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She’s been too busy thinking about herself to notice what is going on with those around her…


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Some of whom I’m very sad to find this out about, since I’d previously thought better of them.

I knew many of them were related to me, but previously their self-centeredness mostly just affected our family, I’m very bothered by it affecting others outside our family. I should have been bothered before, but hey, it’s the dysfunction I grew up with.

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I learned in junior high that people basically suck. My opinion of people hasn’t really been updated much. They sucked before COVID and they suck with COVID.

You thought it was something less than 100%?

I didn’t really think about it until now, but everyone in my family who is a selfish asshole to the rest of the family is out and proud about being the same to the rest of the world.

And it’s not really partisan. My liberal lesbian sister is living her best single life right now, at parties and bars, while my Trump supporting mother is pretty much only leaving the house for exercise and work.

Of course my Trumpster Fire other sister was the one who did get COVID, in a shock to no one, so I guess there are some expectations being met along party lines.

People think they’re being safer than they are. And are quick to pretend to be horrified at the risks other people are taking while not acknowledging their own.


Current guidelines where I am is to reduce your contacts by 25% and stick with people in your household except for essential trips outside. Yet 3 families in my circle decided to host another family or more on Halloween night instead of trick or treating.

I am just at a loss as to how people pick and choose which public health guidelines to follow.

I learned that being able to purchase and consume alcohol is essential for society to function.

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Not essential for society to function, but essential for some people not to die. DTs (Delirium Tremens)

not sure that liquor stores being allowed to remain open really increased covid deaths at all in retrospect. it’s the bars that’s the issue, not alcoholics sitting at home getting wasted. and not like the liquor stores were that crowded. you go in with a mask, purchase alcohol, pay, leave.

I thought we learned that in the early 20th Century.

Yeah, bars should be closed, but liquor stores should be open.

  1. A few people might die if cut off from a source of alcohol. (DTs)
  2. A lot more people would break the law, break into other people’s homes, etc., to obtain alcohol if they can’t just buy it.
  3. The risk from liquor stores is not that great. They can do curbside delivery. They are at worst, no worse than a supermarket. And you don’t need to get much closer to show your ID than you do to use your credit card.
  4. People WANT to buy booze, despite (or because of) the pandemic. We have so few joys these days. Why ban more of them than necessary.

They should operate under similar rules to supermarkets – wear masks, keep your distance, use hand sanitizer as you enter and as you leave – and they should stay open. Imo.


Lucy, I’d mention that you said the exact same thing back in March when Colorado deemed liquor stores non-essential, the reversed course the same day. But I would be talking about a non-existent thread from a place that doesn’t exist.