Trump organization guilty of tax fraud

\textcolor{red}{\text{Trump should have been more aware of what was going on at his companies}}

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\textcolor{red}{\text{Thread in Political since trial was about politics not fraud}}

I’m not seeing this on Fox News yet, are you sure it’s true?

If I saw in on Fox News, would I be sure it’s true?

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Nevermind. Fox caught up and buried it at the bottom of the business section.

Thought Murdock was all-in on the Dump Trump bandwagon. Maybe the ratings dropped and he had to backstep? Maybe they couldn’t book enough fearmongers?

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Does this stop the bickering within the GOP and clear the path for DeSantis to become the front-runner?

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Nah, increases the Trump GOP appeal as it caters to the narrative that the deep state is persecuting the one man that can save the country.

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Trump wasn’t wrong about him being able to shoot someone on 5th avenue and not lose supporters. That’s how cults work.

From NY Daily News:

Dumb question: how can a business be guilty?

I thought that people were guilty, not businesses.

I can understand how a business could be financially liable. But guilty?

I think the Supreme Court decided corporations are people too a while back.

So is anyone going to jail?

the CFO is, for only 5 months, per his plea agreement. No one directly as a result of this trial

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When one corporation lusts after another, it grabs the other by the pussy…

Think of stuff like money laundering.