Trump Arrest Watch

Did his appeal of his guilty verdict for sexually assaulting Carroll go anywhere? It feels like a thousand lawsuits that take an excessive amount of time, like time does not matter anymore. I recall he was going to appeal his $millions he owed but read nothing on progress of the trial, or if it was declined. Or of course, he could have just been lying about trying to appeal.

I don’t think he was ever found guilty, was he? Just liable.

That said, no idea where the appeal is.

Oh you are right, my bad. He was civilly liable, not criminally charged. Was using “guilty” colloquially.


Trump’s appeal? How about Carroll’s follow up lawsuit after Trump’s comments on CNN Town Hall?

3 days late

The Trump show needs new writers. Like we’re supposed to believe a story arc in which the maintenance guy who moved some of Trump’s boxes later on went to the IT guy to find out where the recordings were stored and then “accidentally” flooded that room when he drained a pool, only for the data to not be destroyed.


Sounds like the classified docs suit might indict before the Georgia thing.

Based on trump’s tweet tantrums it seems imminent. :popcorn:

The Independent is reporting evidence asking for indictment to be presented to grand jury possibly starting tomorrow, indictment could be tomorrow could be next week. More interestingly, Mark Meadows has plead guilty and received limited immunity for his testimony. Charges to be based on espionage act, which does not require documents be classified.

He has been indicted on federal charges.

Break out the champagne. :slight_smile:

So if he gets convicted but wins the Presidency, can he pardon himself?

No. That question has been floated before.

It would go to SC (if the cabinet didnt deep six him) and he would lose.

A cabinet he handpicks. Uh-huh.

Yeah, he’s shown a great propensity to hire people who he will later say are garbage…

I, for one, am not in a celebratory mood over this. Indicting a former POTUS is a nasty precedent. It feels a lot like crossing the Rubicon, honestly. As reprehensible as I find the man, are we really so intent on vengeance? Once it becomes acceptable to use the power of the state to “teach that guy a lesson”, we open up a whole lot of possibilities. The next occurrence may not be so easily dismissed as justice.

I recognize that the laws must apply to all. But as I sit back and watch as DeSantis uses his office to score points, it strikes me as another step towards authoritarianism. When you toss in the rise of PAC money, the country is careening towards oligarchy. And oligarchy/ despotism is the nemesis of democracy. Always has been.

Sad day, in my book. I sure hope we can keep our collective foot on the brake pedal, just as a matter of prudence.

I think that ship has sailed EG


Yeah, that’s been a R talking point, and I do worry about those who are already talking impeachment and prosecution in retribution.

But there are also some people who think you should just do what is right.

And do you think prosecuting opens up more “possibilities” than ignoring criminal behavior?


How is this in any way vengeance? It’s accountability for criminal behavior, and it’s long overdue in this case.

I agree that this could lead to a weaponization of the justice system, but doing nothing in the face of what seems like it could be actual treason would be much more dangerous imo.


As I said, feels like crossing the Rubicon. Once we go there, we can’t go back. And what does it accomplish?

I don’t believe a conviction will reform Trump. I don’t think it will reduce the divide already at a fever pitch. I don’t even think it will affect his nomination for 2024. It might even help him in that regard. It certainly will fire up the zealots. I expect violence. That can’t be a good thing.

The idea that he will go to prison is a fantasy. He will die before all the appeals play out. He will raise avagadros amount of money. Would you like to be on the jury? It would ruin your life as you know it. Probably your entire family’s life, too.

As far as setting a standard for accountability? Dream on, it will only confirm to all the impression that rich people get different treatment. How is that a positive? It’s just a hill im not willing to die on.

I propose we do the same thing as Nixon/Watetgate. Let it go. Look forward.

The danger is in the attitudes of the Trump supporters. We crossed the line once Trump was nominated and was given unconditional support by 25% of the population.

I agree though that the way out is for Biden to pardon Trump, but can Biden do this without Trump dropping out of 24?