Trouble today (1/28/2021)?

You guys are better than my company’s IT

One more: 11:02 MST

Probably not new info, but another data point.

Thanks. The current problem seems to be from the way the server is setup. The forum kind of sits in a wrapper, something that we haven’t done before. Dev is going to change an internal setting which should fix the problems. If it doesn’t (please post if you get errors like this as of tomorrow), then we’ll make two changes which should disengage throttling completely and eliminate these errors. Which is fine by me, the only reason we need throttling is for attacks and I’ll deal with that if/when it happens.

I appreciate the feedback, it helps.

Clearly we’re humped. It’s 3pm EST right now, we’ll be offline at 4pm EST (in 1 hour) for about 5 minutes and hopefully clear up this problem permanently.
Sorry about that - we’re at it!

Also, FYI, the last 2 days we’ve had 2-3X our normal traffic levels (I suspect CAS exam results) which has exposed this problem.

Back again, hopefully no more outages. We should have all the throttling problems removed now.
Lmk if anyone experiences errors.

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