How is the best way to handle trolls? It’s hard to identify them based on single posts, so the reporting function seems limited. Should we contact a mod and say “I think _____ is a troll”? Something else? And is it true that if enough people mute a poster, they’ll be identified as a potential troll?

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Leads to bullying and majority rule imo. Not the healthiest approach.

They did say ‘possible troll.’ I would generally agree that we don’t want to ban anyone just because some number of users ignore/mute them.

Non-Trolls can occasionally troll and Trolls can occasionally have non-trolling conversations

Someone disagreeing with you is not trolling, even if they persist in continuing the conversation

Best way to handle is stop participating in the conversation. If the person comes after you in multiple threads, than it is a cause to report


The best way to handle trolls, depending on your preferences, is to either ignore them or report them as possible trolls.

It’s true that the system alerts the mods if five posters are ignoring the same person. But, in my experience (and I’ve been moderating another Discourse forum for a while now) posters who get ignored a lot usually aren’t trolls. Often, they are people with a minority view on some subject and an abrasive style. Sometimes they are posters who are unusually chatty. Sometimes they are rude and abusive posters – which is valuable for the mods, even though they aren’t trolls.

But i don’t think I’ve ever seen the mods recognize a troll based on posters ignoring someone. You should ignore posters based on your own preferences, not as a way to send a message to the mods.

If you think someone is trolling, report it. For that matter, if you think someone is rude and abusive, or otherwise violating community standards, please report them, and explain why. If you think there’s a pattern, it’s helpful to report a couple of posts and explain your reasoning.

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I do believe that when you flag a post, there’s an option for “Something Else” in which you can articulate your concerns. This sets up a discussion thread with the moderators.

The details!!!

I’m doing my part, but others are not, leading to pages of trolling junking up the board.

Will do. Thanks!

Another option, if someone isn’t trolling, but some hijack is taking over the thread, is to report THAT. Mods can move blocks of posts or request that posters drop a topic within a thread.

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I wonder if ignoring a poster will also hide threads started by that poster . . .




I don’t think it’s trolling as much as starting inane threads as if there’s some real controversy, though there’s a hell of a lot of non-responsiveness to actually taking a position on anything. I don’t consider that trolling, I consider it just more … well, there’s probably a censorable word that applies but doesn’t exist. Or, I can’t come up with it at the moment.

Much of it is manufactured bullshit which, yes I think there was some of that at the AO, but right now it’s like an attempt to replicate something I’d expect at or so, but in a professional, tasteful manner.

I do wish the ignore function worked better such that if someone on ignore starts a thread, the system automatically applies the ignore to those threads. As it is, I have to go in and mute each one that appears.


I think sometimes people are uncomfortable with walking away, thinking it gives some illusion of credibility of the troll.

Just think what a dozen new threads with 0 responses would do.

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I think the word you’re looking for is “trolling.” LOL. I think many people think that a troll needs to be abusive to be a troll, but that’s not true. Smart trolls are usually not abusive because then they fly under the radar for a longer period of time.

Yeah, I can see that. The troll is seeking the reaction though, so you’re playing right into their hands.


I was probably thinking more like vacillating prick but whatever works.

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Bump for some recent activity.

Checks out

Seems we got a new/old live one, from long ago on the AO. We can always hope that no one responds, but the OCD’s here just won’t let that happen.