Travel to Spain

I think I might go to Spain this fall. I’m definitely spending time with friends in Madrid, but also looking to take in some other sights. Looking for any favorites you might have, with bonus points if it’s off the beaten tourist path.

I’ve done a fair amount of travel there. Places I’ve been before: Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Cordoba, Granada, Ronda, Segovia, Salamanca, Caceres, Trujillo. I am not interested in Costa del Sol for this trip.

Places on my radar for this trip: Valencia, Galicia, San Sebastian. Perhaps a little wine touring based out of Logrono or Aranda de Duero. I prefer to limit travel time and spend more time in a few places rather than try to hit many places.

The itinerary will definitely include soccer, good food, and good wine. Fire away with any favorites you might have.

Whatever you do, make sure you catch the Vuelta.

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I agree. If you’re there during the vuelta find out the route for this year so you can see them come through. If after, watch it on tv (I think it’s on peacock) and see which places look interesting.

I see it ends on 9/11. I definitely won’t be there in late August/early September, but if I was I would certainly be interested in checking it out.

Probably the earliest I would travel would be later in September, and the latest would be in November. Still working on dates.

While in Spain (long ago), my friends and I booked a flight to Mallorca for a few days. Good times.

Just keep in mind if you’re flying to Spain during inclement weather, the aircraft will take the brunt of the precipitation.

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My favourite place to visit is The Alhambra but I see you have already been to Granada. I love viewing the Moorish remains found in many of the southern cities.

The last time I went to Spain there were two vegetarians in my family group. I found the vegetarian options were pretty limited for them. I am an omnivore and love vino tinto so had no problems.

Enjoy yourself!

The Alhambra is amazing. Whenever I decide to go back there I’ll try to stay at the Parador. I had a drink there and it’s nice.

The Paradores are a chain of hotels there that I believe are quasi-governmental. Most in beautiful historic buildings like castles, palaces, monasteries, etc…Many also have spectacular views. I recommend looking into one if there is one near your itinerary. Even if you choose not to stay there, it’s often worth having a drink or meal to check out the view.

I stayed in the Parador de Caceres, which is a renaissance palace in the old quarter that was exceptional. I also stayed in the Parador de Ronda, an old city hall where we had a room overlooking the gorge below.

A killer airline miles deal inspired me to pull the trigger today. Got the fancy pods with the lay flat seats each way for only 148k airline miles.

I have a lot of itinerary ideas, but at the moment only 2 things are locked in: spending time in Madrid with friends, and a lesser Madrid soccer derby (Rayo Vallecano at Atletico Madrid). With a little good luck I’ll also be able to take in a Champions League match, but those fixtures won’t be announced for a while. If I feel inspired there are also midweek LaLiga games that week .

When I was traveling in Spain, my very first city to visit was Barcelona. It’s the perfect place to start your trip across Spain. This was something unique. I was heading straight after my camping in tofino, which was also brilliant. Barcelona impressed me with its seaside and oranges growing just across the street. The food was delicious there. I’m actually a great fan of seafood, so it was very important for me to eat some Spanish seafood. So, when we went to Madrid, but it was a whole different story.

Third item locked: got lucky with the Champions league schedule and get Atletico Madrid vs Leverkusen

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Good for you. I was monitoring the Champions League schedule hoping that the Spurs would have a home match during my September London visit but they play away when I am there. Would love to have seen a match in their new stadium and I thought Group stage Champions League match tickets might be easier to get than EPL match tickets.

Don’t forget that the Vuelta is on now (I watch it on peacock) and provides great photography of different parts of Spain. Yesterday they were in Asturias - stunning landscape.