Tips for Exam 6 from BattleActs

Each upper level actuarial exam is different in its focus and requires different exam taking skills and tips. So what do you need to know about CAS Exam 6? People find Exam 6 is especially daunting due to the vast amount of material on the syllabus. Here a few other things that may help you to know about 6:

  • Unlike Exam 5, the emphasis is on memorization vs calculation.
  • People generally find that Exam 6 takes about 15% more study time than Exam 5.
  • Exam 6 syllabus covers roughly 2,500 pages, making it tough to memorize the
    amount of info. A study guide that condenses the material will help you get through it.
  • Prep time organizing all the articles can be a task in itself. How can BattleActs help?
  • You have to have a well-rehearsed, time management strategy for exam day.

Here are some more tips on how to crush Exam 6.

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Graham Gersdorff

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