Timeline for FM Questions

I always have to draw a timeline for understanding and solving problems on annuities. It takes too much time and I know I have to solve a problem in 5-6 minutes.

For those who have taken FM, in what types of problems should I omit drawing timelines? In what cases should I keep on doing it?

Always draw a timeline.
Just become more efficient using breaks to jump time periods, (10 - > 30), etc.
Once you become familiar with the difference between exponents of your time period and discount/interest factor you’ll become more proficient at drawing timelines.
A properly drawn timeline that takes 30 seconds could help you avoid another 3 to 5 minutes resolving the problem if your answer is off.

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been 3-4 months but thanks to your suggestion! i fully agree to draw a timeline especially for problems involving (unusual) annuities