Timeframe to get response from VEE folks?

I tried to apply for my VEE credits but the system wouldn’t let me (my transcript is a proper mess). I sent an email to the VEE committee a week ago and haven’t heard anything. How long before I start pestering them?

When I put in my VEE application (this was in 2016) it took 4 weeks for them to process the application and to start emailing me about my Econ 102 transfer credit (also a proper mess). The emailing back and forth at that point was in real time.

I don’t have fond memories of dealing with the University of Waterloo’s Registrar’s Office.

ACtually, the registrars office was great. I ordered a transcript to be sent to the SOA through UW’s website, paid online, and they sent it the very next day with a tracking number.

But yeah, in general that department can be a pain. They call it needless hell for a reason (and my SO used to work in the building).

I also had pretty good luck with my advisor who helped me sort out a transcript that started in the 80’s with a string of failures. First day I’m standing in line with my wife to ask some question or other. Advisor comes out of the office and says 'everyone here for this reason? Good. EVeryone have their form?". I put up my hand and said “Uh, there’s a form?”. the advisor asked if I was doing this for one of my kids; when I told her it was for me they said there’s no way I have time to wait in line. Took me back to her office, got the form completed, then babysat me with everything over the next 4-5 years. She was outstanding. Heck, you might even know alice.

Yeah I suppose sending the transcript over was the easy part.

My problem was getting the UW to acknowledge that I had credit for a transfer course that didn’t show up on the “official” transcript that was sent to the SOA. I had it transferred 10 years earlier - and instead of just being like “yeah, she needed Econ 102 to graduate, so she does in fact have credit for that”, they made me re-transfer it, i.e., I had to prove that the course I took 11 years earlier was the same as the course I got credit for 10 years ago.

I was not pleased.

Oh, bleah. Yeah, beauracracy, and the registrar’s office is a hotbed.
My biggest problem was that my first year marks were so long ago that they weren’t even on their main admin system. the advisor said she’d always wondered how far back the system went, and now she knows - back to my second year. Or, my first second year as the case may be. So every time my transcript came up, they were always short a year.

It didn’t help that the course I actually took (at the University of Regina) was NOT VEE compliant, but the course I had credit for at UW was. What was I supposed to do with that information, retake a course I already had credit for? I was so anxious about the disconnect I waited 6 years after graduation to apply :laughing:.

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