Tiger down

Tiger Woods seriously injured in car accident:

Tiger is like your 85 year old grandma that you need to take the keys away from.

Who does he think he is, Ben Hogan??

It is not a good marketing position for Genesis to be in when their most famous endorser nearly gets killed while mangling a new edition of the corporate flagship SUV, mere days after the Genesis Invitational Tournament

So, one-car accident. Could be: swerved to avoid an animal; driving too fast and road slipperier than expected; fog and a curve; too much partying the night before.
OK, it’s curvy at that spot, Blackhorse Rd (so I had heard, the closest cross street) is opposite Peninsula High School, but the accident occurred far more north of that intersection. From a Yahoo! article with an embedded tweet, I matched the footage of the split in the median to Google Maps. There is a gradual right curving of the road, to the point that it turns from northbound to eastbound. It’s quite possible that he was distracted at the very moment there is a split in the median, and he ends up northbound into south-coming traffic. He swerves to avoid traffic, missing them all, ends up on the side, with the car on its side.

This is a weird spot for a break in the median. No crossroad. Halfway through a 90 degree curve.

Or, “Look he lived! Good thing he was in a Genesis!”

From Fox:

While law enforcement did not rule out speed as a contributing factor, Gonzalez said the road where the crash took place is a “hotspot” for wrecks.

“That specific stretch of roadway is one of our trouble spots,” he said during a press conference on Tuesday. “Our locals in Ranchos Palos Verdes and Rolling Hills Estates know that it’s a hotspot for traffic collisions as well as speed. In my experience as a deputy … I have seen many collisions. The nature of his vehicle, the fact that he was wearing a seatbelt, I would say that it greatly increased the likelihood that it saved his life.”

I’m not eliminating any possible “too-much partying” explanation, just seeing if all else can be eliminated.

I’ve driven on the exact same road in Ranchos Palos Verdes. There’s trees and hills and grass and stuff and people riding around on £10k bikes and it’s made out of concrete so my conclusion is that it’s a road that goes from one place to another.

Oh Look, he would have walked away and been able to hit balls at the driving range had he been driving a Volvo.

Would have been dead had he been driving a Buick (his former sponsor).

ESPN says he was at a resort overnight, so I’m guessing a place called Terranea. Very hoity-toity, bungalows and a giant spa center. My wife’s been there, at the request of a rich and dying friend who splurged for the whole weekend as a last hurrah with a group of friends.

making a video game.
No, it’s not a version of Grand Theft Auto. I’m surprised, and a bit disappointed that you were thinking such a thing.

So there’s no driving in the latest version?

There is, but you have to be driving faster than is safe while talking on the phone and dozing off. It’s quite difficult at first. Best to take some pain pills first.

Sheriff making statements.

This tells me that they have the cause, they will forward the info to the District Attorney, and that area will decide whether to press charges (which means the info will be made public) or not.
I think it would be great if the Sheriff’s Department didn’t publicly disclose any info on any investigation. Disclosing it could result in convictions of innocent people and/or non-convictions of guilty people. I’m guessing this is not S.O.P. for the department, and that Tiger is getting preferential treatment (probably because he has the means to sue if their findings are proven wrong).