Threes - game

Threes (free) … a game similar to 2048 but with a little bit of quirk.

It’s a little more difficult than 2048 for me.

My high score is currently 23,244.

That’s because 2048 was an inferior clone of Threes (put out about a month after Threes debuted on the App Store). Unfortunately people seemed to vastly prefer “inferior but free (with ads)” to paying a few bucks for a phone app, so 2048 became more widely known.


A score with very few three’s in it means it’s not a very good score, right?

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And I’m in the camp of “free (with ads)” over “pay now before you see if you like it”.

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If it wasn’t posted about on the AO (or, now, GoA) there’s no way I would’ve heard about it.

I only learned about this one because I have a brother who I see at Christmas…which was in June this year.

I have played a lot of 2048 (a lot!). Haven’t played in a while. My biggest tile was the 32,768 tile. In an online version with undo allowed, I got the 131072 tile. One of my favorite “accomplishments” was getting 4 1028 tiles lined up on the bottom row at once. It’s pretty tricky to achieve. I’ve also done 3 2048s next to each other. For any devotees, try those challenges.

I know 2048 was derived from 3s, but I never tried it.

Try it try it try it try it