Thread to talk about relatives gaming the system

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Alternate thread title: won’t someone think of the healthy, wealthy people???


don’t we all do it

Is there a qualitative difference between “gaming the system” and getting what you’re entitled to under an unjust law?


At least somewhat depends on how hard you have to work to get it. Probably compared to how hard someone that the benefit was intended for has to work for it.

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Sure. Pre-Obamacare I had decent insurance in the individual market, as did my dad & stepmom.

I’m not arguing that the individual market pre-Obamacare was perfect. I’m saying that it’s pretty disingenuous to claim that my relatives are doing something bad by taking an Obamacare policy when there are no longer any other realistic options for them. The individual market for pre-Medicare age IS Obamacare these days.

Sure, they’re saving a lot of money from the Obamacare subsidies. Maybe he would have had to work until age 41 or 42 instead of 40 to save up enough to cover the insurance premiums that they’re not currently paying. Maybe they retired with only $2 million instead of $2.5 million because of Obamacare … I’m not exactly certain.

I never said they did anything bad (I didn’t read closely enough) but it’s hard to feel bad for some extra expense for people wealthy enough to retire in their early 40s when looking at families who’d be completely screwed (as in not survivable) with a member with a significant healthcare issue. I’m not saying that the ACA is perfect either.

You didn’t, but others did.

My point was really just to illustrate the futility of attempting to means test by looking at something as blunt as AGI.

For something like EV subsidies for not-rich people, don’t means test at all. Just make them only for cheap cars that most rich people don’t want.

Indy said something about how pre-Medicare retirees were able to get free Obamacare plans by keeping their income low even though they were loaded and I mentioned that I had relatives who did this too and we started down the rabbit hole. Just examples of failed means testing.

Honestly I’m too tired to read this. It’s like the text version of Charlie Brown’s teacher. I need to wander over to the drink order thread now.

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In summary, people are exploiting the system to take advantage of a benefit that clearly was not intended for them, while whining about others receiving government handouts and how horrible Obamacare is.

So just general hypocrisy and exploitation of the system by those with the means to clearly abuse it.

But, welfare queens.

Can i game the system as longbas i vote democrat?

You can game the system any time you want to put in the thought and effort.

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No one is whining but you.

But all the loopholes and ability to game the system are not available without certain monetary means

Oh, your dad was supportive of Obamacare?

I meant without incurring whiskey’s wrath

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Huh? You said:

That’s not my Dad. His income is way too high to remotely dream of an Obamacare subsidy. Well, plus he’s on Medicare (Advantage) now, although he wasn’t in 2014. He’s one of the ones who liked his plan and couldn’t keep his plan, but he certainly never got a subsidy for Obamacare nor an EV nor EITC, so I’m confused why you think that describes him.