Thread to post insignificant signals / advances by the opposite (or same) sex

she seems nice. does she have a business carrrrrrrd???

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She’s flush with excitement about the renovation - I sink you’ll shower a good time.

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A young woman who was wearing a thin T shirt and clearly not wearing a bra was very chatty with me at the dog park.


People have been checking me out… on LinkedIn!!!


With emphasis on “Insignificant” m I rite?

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Was out with a woman last night and we ran into some of her friends and parents. I got up to go to the bathroom, stopped to tie my shoe and the woman sitting next to the woman I was with says “wow - he’s really good looking, nice job”. I should have taken advantage of that deal.


T-roy, showin’ off the glutes

Three strangers told me they liked my shirt today

Or humblebrag that he can afford laced shoes.

Obligatory Simpsons gif (spoilered, just in case):

Is this with or without the puppy??? :popcorn:

I did have the dog with me today

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