Thread to express how you felt you did on Exam 5

Feel free to vent here on your exam. But no discussion on answers should be done until after 6am EST 1 JAN 2021. And no hint of information on what the questions are should be made.

I felt I did really well. Going to start prepping for 6 with the expectation that I think I passed. I did really enjoy the Pearson environment and I had 0 issues.

How prepared did you feel going in? Mind sharing how many study hours you put in?

I put in quite a bit of hours I guess, don’t know exactly how many hours exactly but I’ve been studying since last January since I was planning on taking in the spring. Though I did take a couple of months off after it was postponed. I spent 2 years reserving and 2 years pricing so to be honest it just felt like some of my day to day routines, albeit under timed pressure. I did every released exam from 2015 to Present and was able to comfortably get a passing score on all of them (with my own grading of course trying to be harsh) within lots of time to spare (excel/pearson vue spreadsheet really helps speed things up on the exam for me. )

Think it went very well to, had about an hour to check work. Probably put in around 400 hours but that’s a result of spring exam being cancelled

I had about an hour as well. It definitely went super fast. I hope that’s a good sign and not a bad sign. I feel sorry for future sitters because I’m sure they will make it tougher to compensate for the time the spreadsheet saves.