Thread to bump when you have a shower beer

Do these showers have anti-slip mats? If you’re drinking from a glass container there could be tears all round.

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Winner of the most actuarial response of the thread!


:shower: (:ice_cube: :coffee:)

Use a glass container at your own risk. I prefer cans.

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I see @T-roy got hizzelf a plastic cup!!! :+1:

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That’s my other hand. Lol. Seriously! I had a little accident several years back.

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Glad to see it hasn’t stopped you from having fun in the shower or putting in the work on the track

Had a shower beer in my hotel room. It always tastes better when you’re on vacation

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Once I tried to use the door hinge of the bathroom in my hotel room to open my beer and my beer showered all over the bathroom

I had a similar experience in a hotel room, just not with a beer

I choose not to sit in the supporters section for the local soccer club. They scored 5 goals tonight, so many beer showers were had in that section.

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I guess things got messy

Did someone say fall? I rode about 8 miles on the bike so a beer feels appropriate.

Yeah, risking my life with a bottle. If I drop it, I can open the door and step to safety since the door would contain the debris. If I don’t report back in a bit, send help.


Awesome tile work.

I wish I could say it was my work, normally I do my own tile. But this was a big project and just doing the design work and being the GC was all I could deal with.