Thread for me to document the sad stories that twitter insists on pushing to my phone

Recently, twitter has been insisting on pushing the saddest stories to my phone that it can find. wtf, why is it doing this? I have no idea. But I shall use this thread to document said stories.

  1. (11) :fire:Dr. Jeannette Opposes GQP coups :ocean:#TeamPelosi on Twitter: “:pray::pray:Please if you pray. Pray. My one y/o grandson being rushed to ER by ambulance. Oxygen under 90. :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:They won’t let me in.” / Twitter

  2. (11) G.Valimont⏳#ALS⏳ on Twitter: “Everyone in my family is dying. My 44yo husband was diagnosed with ALS, 7 months ago. He can no longer speak or walk. Last week, my 8yo was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. His light has gone out. Me, of heartbreak.” / Twitter

for the 2nd one, is an appropriate response “better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” to this crap invading my happy space?

When Stu dies, I’ll come to you for a good laugh. :wink:

[and no, I’m not putting any of this shit on twitter or facebook, ffs]

Also, most of my top twitter results (other than getting my other account’s tweets) are public finance-related, data science stuff, and Art Nouveau. Would you prefer that? I mean, I’ve been on twitter since 2008, and I’ve trained their algorithm, so I don’t get this weepy stuff.

What I’m saying is: it’s your own fault you’re getting this.

how the heck is this my fault??? i’m barely on twitter at all. twitter just decided to send this to my phone!

i used to read twitter a little bit to see what crazy shit trump was saying, but not for sob stories. now i’m not really on there at all, but my phone keeps sending me these!

Why is Twitter sending anything to your phone? I’m sure there are settings you can change, if you so desire.


no clue. i also get articles from where my ao bff lives sent to my phone without asking it to and some other articles it just decides i absolutely need to see. my phone seems to have a mind of it’s own.

i might need a new phone.

FB did this to me the other day, but closer. A college classmate posted family photos a couple weeks back of her, her husband, and their little girl, along with his parents, and I thought man, he’s lost a lot of weight. Yesterday, she and her husband show up in my feed as being tagged in condolences of loss, he died of cancer. I feel like a voyeur, because of the postings, since she and her husband hadn’t posted anything publicly, so it’s just this window into grief that is heartbreaking, but also none of my business, we haven’t done more interaction than send likes on photos in years.

that’s less weird. these twitter posts are from complete strangers going direct to my phone. it’s like twitter or my phone decided that i need to see horrible things.

You need to delete twitter. It is a completely useless app. Well, not completely useless. But mostly useless. Like Instagram.

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well since trump is banned from twitter, probably now is. that’s pretty much the only person i followed.

i guess maybe i can follow campbell’s ramblings about public pensions or something now.

instagram isn’t pushing shit like this to my phone. at the end of my friends posts when it runs out of people i’m following, it shows me cute puppies.

I put up cute puppy pix tooooooooo!!!


You can follow my actuarial news feed!

Of course, usually there’s a bunch of links in the early morning & at night when I’m watching TV with Stu

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Max Black–a philosopher for the ages. Or, at least, our age.

I deleted FB about four months ago. Wasn’t a huge Twitter user and I deleted that last week. So far, this is all going well. Never had Instagram.

I keep FB b/c there are some groups I need to be a part of, like my son’s sports teams and the parents’ page for his class.

That and to see the pics of the hot friends of friends that FB keeps recommending to me.

I don’t really use it for anything else.

I kept my account and I occasionally log in. I’m mostly there for the Marketplace, we are looking for lots of things to furnish our new old house.

I have no idea who this Scott person is and why I’d care that he’s now dead, but my phone really wanted me to know about it.

I have all those apps set to not be allowed to send me notifications unless they are open. And i only open them when there’s something i want to look at. I don’t get any random crap “sent to my phone”.

You have an Android phone, right? Go into settings, then “apps and notifications” and you should be able to take care of this problem.

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