Thoughts on AMA's?

Looking for your thoughts on hosting some ‘official’ AMA’s here. I asked in the moderator section and got:

AMA = ???
? Googling isn’t being helpful.

  1. any general comments or thoughts on this?
  2. ideas for AMA’s?
    Some rando thoughts:
  • people who publish actuarial information, talking about what they’ve published
  • a recruiter answering questions on how to get an entry level job
  • someone from the sexuality and gender alliance of actuaries talking about what we need to know in office/professional envirnoment
  1. thoughts on how to structure this, as the forum doesn’t do multi-threading well. I’ve seen other discourse forums force specific posting rules to keep things well-threaded. or we could do a recorded and moderated zoom session where the questions are pre-posted and moderated.

I think one important part of reddit AMAs is intense focus by the question answerer but also pretty rapid questions, both of which are tough if you don’t have a lot of people buzzing around. That said if the person is more open to something akin to mail chess then it would work but then I think it basically becomes a Westley thread on career info, but I’d be all for that.

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I did an AMA back on the AO (as Fatty McGee) that became one of my favorite things ever. It was a blend of personal and some professional stuff, and there were lots of people asking questions, and sometimes I would answer seriously and sometimes snarky. We lasted about a month until others (or me, I forget which) didn’t have enough momentum any longer.

It even created a couple of spinoffs that, like all true spinoffs, weren’t nearly half as good.

Basically, go for it. But unless you’ve got some “hook” (mine was that it was truly ask me anything and it was a crapshoot whether you’d get something valuable in response), it’s not likely to go far.


I think of all the Q&A sessions at the end of presentations and how this would likely go similarly… a couple questions and then silence.

Yeah, you might want to seed an AMA with “ringers” – basically, get a variety of posters to ask pre-selected questions.

(which I absolutely do all the time w/ my own presentations)