This is how African people are being treated in the Ukraine crisis

This is how Polish border guards treat African refugees


  1. Not Ukranians

  2. From your article:

She is now safe in Warsaw, where she’s staying in a hotel. In stark contrast to her experience at the border, she’s found people in the city to be incredibly kind and welcoming.

All of the African and Asian students she’s in touch with have been offered free accommodation. She said the reception had been overwhelming.


What? A certified troll is telling lies on this board? Tell me it isn’t so!!


Not entirely:

But I wouldn’t necessarily view the actions described as being “black vs. white” but possibly “(Ukrainian) citizen vs. non-citizen”.

But I’ll wait to see more reported on this particular issue before making a full decision.

i can’t imagine the challenges of being a refugee or non-citizen and having to leave the new place needing emergency refugee protection. ugh. that’s terrible.

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I was wondering this as well. Though Ukraine isn’t in the Schengen zone, so it’s not that simple. But there may be something to the fact that Polish border guards see a lot of Ukrainian passports or whatever. For all I know they have a database shared with Ukraine that makes crossing easier, and these non-citizens aren’t in the database.

And, of course, it could be a mix of legitimate reasons and racism.

I’ll agree, we need to hear all the facts of this case.


Another report (linked by the Tangle guy) indicated that it was the Ukrainian border guards that were not allowing non-citizens through–not the Polish guards.

And it appears that it’s been foreign students that were primarily impacted . . . at least that is what I’ve taken from the two articles I’ve come across (have not read either in detail, though).

TBH, I don’t see a problem with prioritizing citizens/permanent-residents over foreign visitors (wrt to getting on “public transit”); but I have read some stories about the foreign people being coerced to paying “tolls” to be allowed to continue in the 30+ mile queue to the Polish border.

That is, some of the Ukrainian soldiers (or purporting to be such by dress) are trying to take advantage of foreigners.

Eh, I’m sure there are bad actors in Ukraine’s military and police and other government branches… as there are everywhere.

It’s unfortunate though. :pensive:

Haven’t had the chance to read the whole article, but thought this might be interesting in the context of this thread’s topic:

Ukraine: Why so many African and Indian students were in the country - BBC News

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Thanks. Kinda figured it was a lot of African students. The bit about fining students for missing classes was interesting. I also didn’t finish (yet).