Third Party People Say the Darndest Things!

Since I strive to be equal opportunity when it comes to mocking politicians for saying darndest things, and it didn’t seem fair to put this in the Democrats’ darndest things threads…new thread.

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I hope the earthquake doesn’t make Manhattan capsize from all the people on it.

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TIL that not all environmental events are caused by climate change

Wait doesn’t plate tectonics eventually lead to climate change

I mean in a few hundred million years the continents will be drastically different so

Shift in plate tectonics (mantle movements) are not related to climate change in the next 1000+ years.

The physics here are completely different.

Only way that I can think of “plate tectonics” impacting climate change is a massive shift in the EM field caused by a polar shift.

This would mean a massive amount of mass shifting from the pole to the south, which would then have an impact on the EM field.

I suppose if you had more landmass at higher latitudes things would be different in terms of solar reflectivity, influence on wind mixing, so super long term (definitely not kyrs, more like 10-100Myrs) climate will be very different.

Well we didn’t stop big oil when we had the chance but we can stop big plate before society gets dependent on it

Volcanos. Plate tectonics across the globe could set off enough volcanos at roughly the same time which could result in climate changes.

Next you’re going to claim that climate change isn’t responsible for today’s eclipse!!!


Sunny Hostin is an idiot. How she made it as a lawyer and fraud investigator only God can understand.

[Sunny Hostin] OH, He does. He does!! [/SH]