Things that make you say WTF?!?!

Couldn’t you just implement ‘DADT’?

I hope both of you are being facetious, but if you aren’t, you should probably actually read the article.

I’m going to be facetious for Halloween.

Fun fact: facetious has all the vowels in alphabetical order. Facetiously, too, it you consider ‘y’ a vowel.


I think enabler and addict is a specific example of a wider problem relationship type. The codependent and the narcissist. These two often end up together for obvious reasons. One is a giver and one is a taker. Unfortunately it always end up in a huge explosion with a lot of collateral damage in children’s lives.

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This could go in more than one thread but here seems appropriate.

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Good Lord.

for people who don’t like to click on random, unlabeled links – it’s a twitter thread about cooking chicken breasts in Nyquil. The video is pretty disgusting.

I assume it’s someone making a joke. He’s using a hair straightener for tongs.

I was wondering why there was a coiled - something - coming out of the tongs.


Is this what it sounds like when dogs cry :dog:

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Saw that yesterday and I think it is a real Tik Tok thing and went viral, even if it was intended as a joke.

Old white dudes gonna old white dude


Working with some MBA-type students on my startup (they’re doing a project). Them: Please send over your business plan.
Me: WTF? First time?
Also me: Guess I can’t say that. My business plan is ‘make fat stacks’. lol.


Experience pumpkin like never before. Try our new Pumpkin Spice Scented washes—only available at [Peter’s Car Wash and Drive Through Eatery].

Pumpkin Spice Tip! Turn your air recirculation off in your car to enjoy the full fragrant experience.

So when they do the toxicology report later - “Everything came back negative except his Pumpkin Spice levels were off the charts”


“Portugal, [along with other wine-producing countries such as France] now has an oversupply due to a drop in consumption”

Maybe not anymore.

In honor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day in the US on Monday.

Spoilered for a b-word