Things I don't get

The first one’s free, the next one will cost you!!!

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There’s only one volume in the ole dodge, and that ain’t it.

The volume knob in our van is only partially correlated to the volume of the radio, so micromanaging is impossible.

See, now this is how correlation vs causation should be explained to the general public!!! :+1:

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One can argue that correlation is better than causation

how about a middle ground like “Declan MacManus”?

Maybe he plays Irish pubs with that name.

This guy gets it.


What if he grew a beard, introduced himself as Professor Declan Patrick Aloysius MacManus and offered to play you in billiards.

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Tip #1: do not pay in advance!!

I just don’t get the apeel

If it’s hard candy then you can say that modern art is for suckers

With a good artist’s statement he might even be able to argue that he gave them what they asked for…

I had a teacher in junior high that led a jazz band, even more fun when we had a Dixieland style band. We did a big jam session one morning to When the Saints Go Marching In, and out of the blue I played a slow C-major scale - got a good laugh out of the group and ended up playing it at a performance.

Things I don’t get: music theory

A major scale is the tune to “dough ray me fa soul la tea dough”

What instrument did you play that on?

I believe the bari sax, may have been tenor

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Bari sax is always good for a laugh from the group.

How so?