Things I don't get


Well, I guess jazz is a big category, and some of it I do at least sort of get. But whatever it is that they play on my local NPR station in the evening - I don’t get it.

I can accept that there is probably some interesting musical things going on, and probably a lot of skill being demonstrated. I don’t understand enough to actually recognize those things, but I’m sure they are there. It just doesn’t sound good though.

I like Jazz, but I like structured music. It is broad category.

It is like saying you don’t like rock, but only listen to the punk rock station

Jazz is stupid! I mean, just play the right notes!


See the first sentence of the paragraph I wrote.

And I said I don’t “get” it, not that I don’t “like” it. Although, the type of jazz I’m referring to, I don’t particularly like it.

“Modern” Art. Following is Banana Duct Tape Art Installation Installation. All yours for $3,350. AND, it’s a ripoff of someone else’s work! Sorry, “inspired” by.

I mean, I could probably do that myself.

Article about the original:

Well, yeah, now that somebody’s shown you how…



I hate “art” like that bc Mr aj would be a starving artist if he weren’t married to an actuary. He’s no Norman Rockwell but he draws and paints things that look like something.

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Modern art is for suckers.

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Suckers are for modern art.


I have trouble listening to most jazz or other free form types of music because my brain is constantly looking for patterns that aren’t there. I can’t make it not do that. So after a pretty short time, it’s annoying to me rather than entertaining.

I appreciate the talent it takes to create such music, it’s just not enjoyable to me.

Same is true for music that is too repetitive. My brain gets tired of it and I can’t listen anymore. (I think that’s why I hate the musical Les Mis, because the music is so repetitive (and the story is dumb and boring, but I digress)

Same is true in the car (or anywhere really) where the music is being played at a volume that I can hear but it’s not loud enough that I can discern it. That drives me nuts pretty quickly. Again because I can’t make my brain stop trying to find it.


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When are you going to duct tape a sucker to the wall and sell if for cash money?


I went to the MoMA in NYC years back. Some “artist” piled up a bunch of candy that had the same weight as an AIDS patient who died. Viewers were invited to take candy and it would be replenished to the target weight.

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I don’t get Wagner.


I have tried. I just can never get too far.

I “get” Shostakovich’s The Nose better than I’ve ever gotten any Wagner opera.

Yeah, but do you get jas?

When the music is faint and only the bass is coming through that’s when it gets real annoying. Happens a lot with music festivals or deep house

The choir I sing with has several CDs that I enjoy, but they tend to have such large swings in dynamics that if I turn the volume up in the car loud enough to hear the quiet parts over the engine I am completely blasted out on the loud parts. They are better listened to in a quiet room, or even better with headphones.

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Elvis Costello. Supposed to be this musical genius, and all I hear is a bunch of crap and how “tortured” this guy is under the weight of being such a genius and so on. I’m convinced if his stage name was John Smith no one would give him a first listen and they’d instead say “what an annoying, pretentious asshole.”

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“Free candy”, you say?