TheInfiniteActuary Trustworthiness?

I’m looking at purchasing TheInfiniteActuary for 7. I see:

  • Note: material is being uploaded as it is completed. All syllabus sections will be complete by mid-February, and 2 sample exams will be complete by April 1.

Question for you all. I saw on Reddit there was a product that recently promised Exam 5 to be ready by a certain date and it wasn’t remotely close to ready. I believe that product was Coaching Actuaries/ADAPT, but I do not recall for certain.

Can somebody confirm the unfinished product was NOT The Infinite Actuary? Has anybody had a good or bad experience with an unfinished TIA product?

I can confirm the unfinished exam 5 product to which you are referring was not by The Infinite Actuary.

The TIA exam 7 course updates are running slightly ahead of the schedule you referenced above. If you go to the TIA exam 7 page here and click the Browse Course button, on the Learn tab within the TIA Study App you can see what material has been completed (including the Hurlimann sample lessons) and the placeholders with target completion dates for the remaining material.