The most embarrassing moment you’ve witnessed

It’s an Uber DNGAF Friday here; taking the day off, not planning to get out of bed until noon.

My most embarrassing witnessed moment was probably the time I was talking with a coworker and they let the loudest fart rip. The kind that makes your ears ring. They stopped mid sentence, turned beet red, and just walked away laughing super awkwardly. Then they can back five minutes later and resumed their conversation, picking up mid-sentence where they left off, and we never talked about it again.

And yes, they were an actuary. So I hope it was one of you.


The head of marketing at the insurance company I worked at was known as flatch…he embraced it.


I was watching Bloomberg TV when a new reporter introduced themselves as Caroline Hyde. It was not Caroline Hyde. Apparently the production staff will sometimes play games with the cue cards for new anchors.


Perhaps, not “most” but at least I witnessed it and it wasn’t me…

At all employee meetings they usually gave away stuff through various methods - tickets for a drawing, asking a question during q&a, etc. In this case people who had a pink-colored dot on the bottom of their plate or coffee cup or whatever it was won a prize. This was during yet another round of “we’ve got to tighten our belts, do more with less, yada yada yada”

Of course, possible layoffs were discussed in the q&a session with the usual corporate bull shit answers—no decisions have been made; focus on what you can control; by cutting expenses I’ll (the ceo) get a really big bonus this year…perhaps that last one wasn’t spoken out loud.

At the end ceo announced how winners of the give away prizes would be chosen and then he announced “those of you who got your pink slips come on up to get your prize.”


You get to pursue other opportunites and you get to pursue other opportunities and you…


not most but noteworthy

young interns at E&Y attend actuarial conference, drink excessively at shoe show one night, pukes while walking down aisle the next morning going to seat at general session. then, later at lunch, bolts from table and pukes before he can get out of ballroom (don’t know if he was same person who puked in general session).

interns not invited to subsequent conferences