The MLS Soccer Thread

I assume you have your tickets for the LA game?

I ain’t rich. not on TV either, i don’t think. I’ll check the Mexican channels.

I was being sarcastic. I know you are too level-headed to splurge this much on Messi tickets even if you could.

Taylor Swift and Messi both have this unbelievable ability to get many people to fork out though.

Well, I’d go if the price were right. I went to LAFC’s Rose Bowl game (Leagues Cup) a few weeks ago when the price was right (free). But I found that the big fan group there was only interested in singing to themselves and not rooting their team on.

The same thing happened when Pele started playing for the Cosmos in the 1970’s. Huge crowds and tv audience. The ticket prices were ridiculous for his debut and final games but maybe not as astronomic for regular games?

Income inequality was less in the 1970’s than now so maybe expensive tickets were not as possible as now. In any event, Pele’s tenure didn’t really do much for the North American game in the long run.

Neither will Messi’s. It will take a lot more than one person to do it. Culture of Fuhbaw needs to be eradicated as detrimental to kids’ long-term health. Kids and parents need to be warned a lot more strenuously of how shitty the sport is for kids.

Messi gets two assists in romp over defending MLS Cup and Supporters’ Shield Champions.

I decided to attend Messi mania tomorrow after all. Prices in my section kept dropping and the lowest is now $350. I don’t know how many sold for outlandish prices.

Some friends with cheaper seats sold them very early on and made a nice return.

And then they can still attend by buying back some other seats. Free Messi match!!

My seat mates were interested in selling theirs today and got $230 each. That’s a nice return, but not the extreme payday touted based on list prices.

Lol reportedly Messi isn’t coming

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Important Saudi PR?
Plenty of private jets to get him there on time.

Friends of a seat neighbor have tickets a few rows in front of us and sold them for $1000 each several weeks ago. Those buyers must be pissed

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Even with Busquets, without Messi


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Wondering if The MLS goes full-NBA on this kind of stuff next season.