The MLS Soccer Thread

Thought you might know off the top of your head.

Took your advice and found this link helpful.

Unfortunately that wiki hasn’t been fully updated for the upcoming season. For ATL, Franco, Hyndman, Dwyer, and Martinez are not on the roster for the upcoming season. Strangely they do include Etienne and he just joined the team, so at best it includes only partial updates.

Probably the best MLS teams have the largest contingent of the better players from the CONCACAF countries so MLS keeping playing during Gold Cup competition may mean the best MLS teams are most negatively affected. The simultaneous competition might be an opportunity for the weaker MLS clubs to beat the better ones.

It’s kinda a thing in MLS. Looking for good players, but not quite good enough to regularly be called into their national team.

And (younger) players looking for more exposure to get picked up by Euro clubs, where the big money is.

I have no issue at all with MLS being a selling league. Better than being a retirement league.


This. I like that more MLS clubs are viewing themselves as selling clubs.

Even in Europe, almost every club is a selling club or should be. Only a handful of clubs are true final destinations.

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Someone pumping up The MLS for, I don’t know, a cash compensation?

Grasping at all straws – look, one player on the winning team (I should check, but I think there was one player in the semi-finals as well, possibly in the quarterfinals)!! Look, our players are getting scouted! Look, players come here to retire and hate the artificial surface!

Ignoring this:
Here is an actual soccer league ranking system, based on 538.

So, yeah, 15th best, still behind Liga MX.

Oh, sure, looking at actual results of teams… that’s not a fair way to look!!