The last thing you bought on Amazon or eBay

I had one of those! Had to put it on my massey 35 so my son could drive it to school for bring your tractor to school day.

Was talking about this recently. Apparently the school banned combines because the kids where starting to get into who could bring the biggest tractor to school.



Birthday gifts for a friend - cryptic crossword book and a pun-based card game. (Yes, I have a lot in common with them.)

Also got some replacement bands for my fitbit.


I don’t recall this growing up, but I do know a few kids showed up to prom in tractors.

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I so need a pink scooter now. With streamers and a horn.


some Clipper lighters
a cigarette case and cedar spills from aliexpress

So Tesla buried the USB charging ports inside the console, so I either have to leave it open, or the sliding door pinches it. I found this guy for $25 that drops in there and puts the ports on top.

I might not need it since the car has wireless charging built in. But my iPhone doesn’t like it. It charges slowly and then usually after a half hour it stops charging because it’s too hot.

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xp-pen graphics tablet, the kind without a screen in it.

It’s been my position that the kind that’s just a drawing pad and doesn’t have a built-in screen to mirror your computer is kind of useless because you can’t see what you’re doing. Until I realized that when I use my mouse, it doesn’t have a screen but it works because hand-eye coordination. So I’m gonna try it out to see if I want to use it as my pointing device, but also as a tool for making instructional videos and occasionally signing school documents.

Adapter to allow for use of USB cables for my SurfacePro

A new backpack since my son broke his.


(I just put in a refill order through Amazon’s pharmacy.)

I lost my 5/16” socket (1/4” drive) like twelve years ago. Finally decided it’s probably not coming back so I got a new one.

AND some new tips for my soldering iron. It’s like Christmas morning, lol.

Spent the last two days turning my house upside-down trying to find the replacement soldering tips I know I bought months ago.

It only just occurred to me to search my order history to confirm I had bought them… and it looks like I didn’t.

So I guess I’m going to be ordering some replacement tips as well…

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“Good to see you, jraven! Would you like some nuts?”

“No. Just the tip, please”

Great scene from Out-of-Context Theater!

usb stick

Owl socks

does ordering on-line from walmart count? If so, I just pulled the trigger on a new waterpic flosser. The old one leaked enough that I didn’t like to refill it, and had stopped using it.

Whiteboard sticky surface. I have an old patient tray table my dad :dove: brought home one time. (He worked in maintenance at a hospital.) Im gonna re-surface it with the whiteboard stuff and use it as a mobile whiteboard at my learning lab.

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My wife’s home from having spent a few days in a hospital after a fall/pneumonia.

The most recent Amazon order included:

  • A cane
  • An Amazon Echo Show, since we discovered the hard way that the smart clock/speakers “with Alexa” in my office doesn’t handle the Alexa features that permit it to be used as an in-house intercom.

a belt
unscented soap
needlenose pliers