The Impeachment of Joe Biden

The Karen Kaucus is lining up, stepping on each others’ high heels to do this.

missing a K


I fear that we’ve reached the era of impeach everybody. On certain days Congress would probably bring charges against a ham sandwich.

Evidently Bobo and MTG had a public spat on the House floor. Such nice people.

I don’t think we’re quite there yet. We’ve reached the era where one party doesn’t (publicly) realize that the previous impeachments were done for good reason, and decide to just impeach everybody in retaliation.

I was going to add that I suspect the Ds won’t resort to any further “retaliation” impeachments when given a chance, but after thinking about it 1) the way things have been going I suspect plenty of stuff will continue to be done that should result in impeachment 2) and that, of course, will be viewed as retaliation again.

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Republicans going ahead with an impeachment inquiry. All Republicans voted for it. Guess they can agree on something.

Any way I think the article headline sums it up…

Biden impeachment inquiry authorized by House Republicans, despite lack of evidence

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I might have added an “any” before evidence to make it clearer.

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Hopes and prayers?


Democrats (mostly Joe Neguse) asked Republicans to commit to at least 1 public hearing, to include the words “open and transparent” in the description of the process, and to give a time table for how soon after a private hearing would transcripts be made available. You’ll be shocked to know that the Republicans refused to agree to any of those.


I’m sure most Republicans forget that democrats did not impeach Trump as a result of the Mueller report in spite of the several documented instances of obstruction.

It’s crazy how far Republicans have backed themselves into a corner with Trump. The craziest ideas become reality because an idiot like Comer can go on fox news to spew nonsense and as soon as Trump approves, the house Republicans need to support it or their career might be over.


That’s disappointing. I would have hoped that there were enough with a spine to quash it.

But an impeachment inquiry is not impeachment. Hopefully they do stop that.

Reminds me of the old British comedy, Yes Minister where they decide to have leak inquiry at the end of one episode. And everyone knows that just code for we’re going to do nothing but it looks good with voters.

Realize that any of them that vote against impeachment will be on Trump’s naughty list and that hope should begin to fade.

Well I’m not confident enough to predict that they will, just to hope for it.

Putting a post here so I can later update it in shame and beg forgiveness for not believing in the Biden Crime Syndicate when Biden resigns in disgrace.


I didn’t catch who was involved, but was listening to a Democratic lawmaker repeatedly press one of the Republicans calling for the investigation, “What crime are you investigating?”

The Republican repeatedly replied like, “That’s what we’re here to look into, to find what crimes occurred.”

Surely we’ll find something if we look long and hard enough!

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MTG already displayed Hunter’s penis in Congress, so I’m not sure what more we’re looking for.

Butthole pics?


I’d think that looking long and hard would be more appropriate for the former than the latter.

What lack of evidence? They have the bank records showing the Bidens’ well-known influence peddling schemes. The evidence is robust, and it isn’t some secret for anyone who has been paying attention. Yes, Hunter, James, and other Bidens were paid large sums by foreign nationals for influence peddling, including while Joe was VP. Not only is this illegal corruption, but they also didn’t bother to register as foreign agents which is a felony (ask Paul Manafort).

Several of the so-called defenses that libs are scrambling to conjure aren’t even relevant. No, it doesn’t matter if you say “well, they can’t prove any money went to Joe.” It’s still corruption. The legal profession doesn’t work like actuarial science where you say “well ACKSHUALLY the payments didn’t go to Joe himself so technically it doesn’t count as corruption.” Doesn’t work like that. Sorry!

Obviously, the arguments that Hunter was paid $1 million as a retainer for his legal services (lmao) and that somehow it also must be on the up-and-up for Biden’s grandchildren and nieces/nephews to have received payments from foreign nationals is treading far into desperation territory.

You can circlejerk here all you want that Biden’s corruption isn’t obvious and well-documented. But reality has a well-known conservative bias. The only thing sadder than US political corruption with foreign nations is seeing Democrats disingenuously pretend like the evidence isn’t ample. Sad!