The Great Seaweed Invasion of Florida has arrived

This is going to be fun.

Quick, somebody make a deep fake showing 2 male penguins raising a baby penguin or a dolphin in drag hanging out on the blob. Then Desantis can ban it from the FL shore!!


Well shit. I was literally looking this morning at booking something in Dauphin Island or Orange Beach during the summer. I guess I’ll have to look a little closer and see when this is expected to arrive.

will be in clearwater in 10 days. hmm…fingers crossed

This was a problem a few years ago when we were looking at a vacation in the caribbean. Apparently its pretty common on some beaches, like they’ve got whole systems with tractors to clean the beaches every morning, otherwise the beaches are unusable.

The water might not be so clear in Clearwater.

Woo Scientology.


Someone please let me know if we start getting seaweed-infected zombies.