The GoActuary 2021 Celebrity Death Pool

The Rebel Forum 2021 Celebrity Death Pool

Back for its 17th year (:yikes:)! We’re keeping the full set of rules for the sake of any newcomers*:

“What’s a celebrity death pool?”, you ask… Simple, just make two lists of celebrities* that you think will kick the bucket, buy the farm, cash in their chips (a.k.a. DIE) in the coming year, 1/1/2021-12/31/2021 11:59pm in the city in which the celebrity passes. Your first list should have 15 celebrities of any age, and your second list should have 5 celebrities under age 50 (as of 1/1/2021)… we’ll call these your “tragedy picks”.

Number the lists from #1-15 and #1-5, with #1 being who you feel is most likely to die, and so on down the line. As the obits roll in, you will score 15 points if your #1 pick dies, decreasing down to 1 point for your #15 pick. The tragedy picks have higher scores… #1 will be worth 20 points, #2 will be worth 16 points, #3 will be worth 12 points, #4 will be worth 8 points, and #5 will be worth 4 points. They don’t have to die in a tragic way, we just refer to them as tragedy picks since, unlike many of your other selections, they aren’t being picked largely for being old and decrepit. Also, there is nothing keeping you from putting people under 50 years old on your main list of 15 if you have lots of younger entries, they just don’t all qualify for the tragedy scoring… One last extra scoring point: if one of your celebrities dies and you are the only person playing to have guessed that celebrity, you will score 1 extra point.

NOTE: Submit “Alternate” picks in addition to your lists of 15 regular and 5 tragedy selections. This is in case one or more of your picks dies between the time you submit, and the start of 2021 throw out one of your picks for not being a celebrity.

If that happens, your Alternate Pick will move to the bottom of your list and all others will move up one spot. Same thing goes if a celebrity dies in a previous year, but for some reason the news doesn’t become official until much later… in that case I will retroactively add points for that celebrity in the pool for the year in which they are reported to have died. That celebrity would then be removed from your list, all others would move up one spot, and I’d add your Alternate Pick to the bottom. However, if someone on your list is dead before 2021 or I must reject one of your celebrities, and you don’t have any alternates, that’s your own fault.

I’ve tried to close up most loopholes in the rules, so just try and make life easy by picking legitimate celebs. If you have any questions on if someone is eligible, feel free to ask via PM. Anyone who has been allowed and is still alive is still eligible. For a somewhat reliable list of many celebrities alive-or-dead status, check out these web sites"COLOR=blue and

Since there is some degree of judgment as to who is and is not a celebrity (see below), let me know if you are not participating and you want to volunteer to be part of an independent (i.e. not an alternate ID of somebody competing) arbitrator group to make judgment calls on questionable choices.

PM your entries to me by 11:59 PM, Dec 26th, 2020. This will allow time over the holidays to determine who is famous and who isn’t. I won’t look until I give my picks to another contestant who has finalized his/her picks and I send my picks to that participant.

Another reason for cutting off entries before midnight on New Year’s Eve is that it gives time to compile the frequencies of the names selected so we can submit an AO-composite entry in the [](https://Derby Dead Pool)

What constitutes a celebrity?

*Celebrities are musicians, actors, writers, athletes, political and religious figures and such… pretty much any public human figure recognizable by name alone.

NEW THIS YEAR: The celebrity must have a Wikipedia page. (If there isn’t one, make one!)

What is not a celebrity?

*Anyone who is known more for being related to another celebrity by birth, marriage, or romance (which is entirely different from marriage) than for any of their own fame/accolades is not a celebrity. (A certain dead Senator’s mother is OK for the 2021 pool.)

*Anyone who is known solely for their health history and/or current condition more than any accomplishments is not a celebrity. Individuals prominently renowned for being amongst the world’s oldest living people, multiple transplant survivors, etc. are not eligible.

*Persons known to be on death row or whose death is a certainty do not qualify. Don’t try and take the guesswork out of this! :smile: Famous prisoners that die of natural causes will count towards the pool.

Should you enter a celebrity with a name shared by other celebrities or quasi famous people, Please specify exactly which you are referring to. For example, if you mention on your list that you want Vanessa Williams, I can’t exactly tell if you mean a) Vanessa A. Williams, the actress whose credits include the Showtime TV series “Soul Food” or b) Vanessa L. Williams, the pageant model/singer/actress? Without clarifying which celebrity you are referring to, it will become my discretion.

What are we playing for? Well, the administrator has given emoticons named after some past winners. If we have a tie, we will have co-winners. No tiebreaker.

I will then handle all of the updates unless anyone else wants to volunteer. Feel free to use this thread as a discussion area, try and break the news on new deaths before I beat you to it, etc. Any help in acknowledging relevant deaths will be a big help in keeping score! You may also PM me if I am lagging behind. :smile: I will post the full list of entrants and selections once all entries have been received and verified.

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Let the heads roll!
Here are the lists in order received. T denotes Tragedy pick; * denotes unique pick


  1. Jeff Bridges
  2. Queen Elizabeth*
  3. Russel M Nelson*
  4. Betty White*
  5. Angela Landsbury*
  6. Mel Brooks*
  7. Barbara Walters*
  8. Bob Newhart*
  9. Mikhail Gorbachev*
  10. William Shatner*
  11. Raul Castro*
  12. Willie Nelson*
  13. Carol Burnett*
  14. Chevy Chase*
  15. Ben Kingsley*

T1. Kim Jong-un
T2. Britney Spears*
T3. Lance Armstrong*
T4. Eminem*
T5. Shaquille O’Neal*

Maphisto’s Sidekick – Champion 2014, 2016

1. Floyd Little* – Died 01/01/2021
2. Rush Limbaugh
3. Leon Spinks
4. Dai Davies
5. Bill Turnbull
6. Paul Westphal – Died 01/02/2021
7. Larry King
8. Pele
9. Jimmy Carter
10. Beverly Cleary
11. Ron Rivera*
12. Norman Lloyd
13. Prince Philip
14. Bob Dole
15. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI*

T1. Tom Parker
T2. Elyana*
T3. Shannen Doherty
T4. TJ Ducklo*
T5. Tom Smith

frummie – Champion 2011; Runner Up 2013, 2014

  1. Rush Limbaugh
  2. Bob Dole
  3. Abdelaziz Bouteflika
  4. Pervez Musharraf*
  5. Ryan O’Neal*
  6. Marty Schottenheimer*
  7. Jimmy Carter
  8. Ghislaine Maxwell*
  9. Henry Kissinger
  10. Donald Sterling*
  11. John Dean*
  12. Pat Haden*
  13. Sandra Day O’Connor*
  14. Bill Snyder*
  15. Norman Lloyd

T1. Steve Gleason
T2. Jussie Smollett*
T3. Chelsea Manning*
T4. Amy Robach*
T5. Ramil Safarov*


  1. George Alagiah
    2. Paul Westphal – Died 01/02/2021
  2. Linda Nolan
  3. Leon Spinks
  4. Thich Nhat Hanh*
  5. Rush Limbaugh
  6. John Rigas*
  7. Bill Turnbull
  8. Pele
  9. Bernie Madoff*
  10. Vicente Fernandez*
  11. Olivia Newton-John
  12. Steve Lieberman
  13. Charley Trippi*
  14. Phil Spector*

T1. Greg Gilbert*
T2. Tom Smith
T3. Shannen Doherty
T4. Nicola Mendelsohn
T5. Sonali Bendre*

traina – Champion 2012; Runner Up 2016

  1. Billy Connolly*
  2. Prince Philip
  3. Samu Anoa’i
  4. Eddie Basinski*
  5. Jeff Bridges
  6. Candi Staton*
  7. Ronnie Atkins
  8. Olivia Newton-John
  9. Bob Dole
  10. Sanjay Dutt*
  11. Jimmy Carter
  12. Dick Van Dyke*
  13. Alan Alda*
  14. Sidney Poitier*
  15. Jerry Hardin*

T1. Tom Parker
T2. Shannen Doherty
T3. Sarah Harding
T4. Miroslava Duma *
T5. Frankie Muniz *


  1. Jimmy Carter
  2. Larry King
  3. Henry Kissinger
  4. Bill Cosby*
  5. Harvey Weinstein
  6. Olivia Newton-John
  7. Leon Spinks
  8. Bob Brinker*
  9. Dick Cheney*
  10. Norman Lear*
  11. Prince Philip
  12. Vin Scully*
  13. Bill Russell*
  14. Jerry Lee Lewis*
  15. David Lawrence*

T1. Shannen Doherty
T2. 6ix9ine*
T3. Kim Jong-Un
T4. Megan Thee Stallion*
T5. Tory Lanez*

Werewolf – Champion 2007, 2013, 2018; Runner Up 2008, 2011, 2015, 2019

  1. Rush Limbaugh
  2. Shannen Doherty
  3. Beverly Cleary
  4. Olivia Newton-John
  5. Maura Sullivan*
  6. Michael Caputo*
  7. Harry Reid*
  8. Eoghan Harris*
  9. Samu Anoa’i
  10. George Alagiah
  11. Norm Coleman*
  12. Steve Lieberman
  13. Val Kilmer*
  14. Marcia Cross*
  15. Hank Aaron*

T1. Tom Parker
T2. Steve Gleason
T3. Trey Mancini*
T4. Rob Burrow*
T5. Sarah Harding

hotkarl – Champion 2020, Runner-Up 2006, 2019

  1. Ronnie Atkins
  2. Abdelaziz Bouteflika
  3. Rush Limbaugh
  4. Harvey Weinstein
  5. Sir Michael Cullen*
  6. Dai Davies
  7. Thomas V Miller Jr*
  8. Prince Philip
  9. Bill Turnbull
  10. George Alagiah
  11. Lars Göran Petrov*
  12. Linda Nolan
  13. David Gulpilil*
  14. Boris Pahor*
  15. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei*

T1. Tom Parker
T2. Tim Bilton*
T3. Sarah Harding
T4. Tom Smith
T5. Nicola Mendelsohn

Good luck to all contestants! Bad luck to the chosen celebrities! :burn:

odd, I thought I replied, but don’t see it

As to having a Wiki page, if Anal Lytic belongs to a band, The Vote42s and the Vote42s have a Wiki page and Anal Lytic is mentioned as a member of the band, but does not have his own page. Does he qualify?

frummie: 2019 was won by Wannabe Actuary, second place was hotkarl.

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As to having a Wiki page, if Anal Lytic belongs to a band, The Vote42s and the Vote42s have a Wiki page and Anal Lytic is mentioned as a member of the band, but does not have his own page. Does he qualify?

Yes he qualifies. Makes it harder for me but oh well. You can always make a page for Mr. Lytic.


frummie: 2019 was won by Wannabe Actuary, second place was hotkarl.

Thank you! I updated the first post.

Maphisto’s Sidekick entered and I sent him my list so I can start vetting. Send in your lists, two days to go!

Are we going to have an aggregate list in time for a DDP entry…or have too many folks already died at the prospective honor? :slight_smile:


Here are everyone’s picks. I have checked spelling and vetted these. Let me know if any of these should not be allowed per the rules:

Shannen Doherty 5
Rush Limbaugh 5
Tom Parker 4
Jimmy Carter 4
Prince Philip 4
Olivia Newton-John 4
Bill Turnbull 3
George Alagiah 3
Bob Dole 3
Leon Spinks 3
Tom Smith 3
Sarah Harding 3
Norman Lloyd 2
Steve Lieberman 2
Samu Anoa’i 2
Ronnie Atkins 2
Paul Westphal 2
Kim Jong-un 2
Nicola Mendelsohn 2
Steve Gleason 2
Jeff Bridges 2
Harvey Weinstein 2
Dai Davies 2
Abdelaziz Bouteflika 2
Beverly Cleary 2
Pele 2
Linda Nolan 2
Larry King 2
Henry Kissinger 2
Vin Scully 1
Pat Haden 1
Boris Pahor 1
Pervez Musharraf 1
Eddie Basinski 1
Marcia Cross 1
Val Kilmer 1
Marty Schottenheimer 1
TJ Ducklo 1
Thich Nhat Hanh 1
Amy Robach 1
Greg Gilbert 1
Miroslava Duma 1
Norman Lear 1
Tory Lanez 1
Mikhail Gorbachev 1
Sir Michael Cullen 1
Charley Trippi 1
Mel Brooks 1
Bill Russell 1
Donald Sterling 1
Phil Spector 1
Bill Snyder 1
Norm Coleman 1
Bernie Madoff 1
6ix9ine 1
Sanjay Dutt 1
Harry Reid 1
Bob Brinker 1
Tim Bilton 1
David Lawrence 1
John Rigas 1
Michael Caputo 1
Candi Staton 1
Rob Burrow 1
Alan Alda 1
Lars Göran Petrov 1
Vicente Fernandez 1
Britney Spears 1
Sidney Poitier 1
Elyana 1
Hank Aaron 1
Ryan O’Neal 1
Queen Elizabeth 1
John Dean 1
Russel M. Nelson 1
Sandra Day O’Connor 1
Betty White 1
Jussie Smollett 1
Angela Landsbury 1
Ramil Safarov 1
Ghislaine Maxwell 1
Billy Connolly 1
Bob Newhart 1
Dick Van Dyke 1
William Shatner 1
Jerry Hardin 1
Raul Castro 1
Frankie Muniz 1
Willie Nelson 1
Dick Cheney 1
Carol Burnett 1
Jerry Lee Lewis 1
Chevy Chase 1
Megan Thee Stallion 1
Ben Kingsley 1
Maura Sullivan 1
Lance Armstrong 1
Eoghan Harris 1
Shaquille O’Neal 1
Trey Mancini 1
Floyd Little 1
Eminem 1
Bill Cosby 1
Mike Miller 1
Sonali Bendre 1
David Gulpilil 1
Chelsea Manning 1
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei 1
Ron Rivera 1
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI 1
Barbara Walters 1

From My list:

Mike Miller -
Tom Smith -

I think everyone has name uniqueness amongst celebrities.

Sorry I didn’t submit picks this year. Life got too busy to worry about death. Umm good luck to the entrants I guess. Though I would guess most on the lists would prefer to be on next year’s list.

Pierre Cardin has already died.

You have Newton John twice, with and w/o dash - 2 each. I assume 4 people choose her

Two Tom Parker’s - different people?
Shannen Dogherty twice
Anoa’i twice, different first name spelling

Yes I realize, forgot to put my alt. That was me who picked him :frowning:

I will work on the spelling later. Just wanted to get this out so we could choose for our entry in the Derby Dead Pool

OK, Picks updated. I put Norman Lloyd from my alternates list instead of Pierre Cardin.

This is NOT the Ron Atkins at the top of my list…the one I picked is the singer from “Pretty Maids”.

I had forgotten about the Dead Pool entry. Given the lack of interest, I’m fine with skipping the year.

Sad to have missed this for the first time in many years. It totally slipped my mind my last week “in the office”, then just got busy with the holidays.