The end of pax Americana

This is just the first conflict.

It’s now only a matter of time before China takes Taiwan.

Nuclear conflict is probably now unavoidable as we re-engage in global land wars amid a collapsing climate.

We have a few decades probably.

Yep. The US isn’t going to start a nuclear war to prevent Russia and China from gobbling up their near neighbors. And, they have a big strategic advantage for any conventional war.

The best we can do is make ourselves as economically independent of these countries as possible, so at least they can’t use vital trade goods for economic leverage.

This is not going to help the GPU shortage

What I don’t get it what the point is with these invasions. Russia and China don’t have much to gain by costly wars. They can get what they need via conventional trade. I mean it’s not like we’re salty about our failed invasion of Canada way back when.

Putin and Xi are getting old, it’s not about the countries, but their purpose in life. Old people do drastic things to feel alive.

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We don’t often hear about it in the US, but Russia has some domestic issues. Stoking nationalistic fervor is one way an autocrat can distract/defuse such.

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When did it start? We’ve been at war pretty much continuously since the 1700s.

Butter doesn’t win wars, guns do. Or, in other words, Russia and China won’t give a flip about economic sanctions. They have proven time and time again to be more than willing to sacrifice the masses for the political power at the top.

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And this time atomic bombs won’t cut it. The west has no cards left.

we have been at war since that first scene in 2001 a space oddesey, where the apes were bashing each others heads

the human comedy goes on

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these guys think they will live forever. They are on a different level, where their egos are actually real

What I mean is that old people are less afraid of death, and care more about their legacy.

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