The dragon is too OP to be a zodiac sign

Dude whoever made the dragon one of the zodiac signs has got to be some kind of egomaniac because all the dragons I know are. Ain’t nobody is gonna wannabe one of them other signs like rat or horse or something when there’s a dragon.

It should be changed to lizard or gecko or something to be on par with all the other animals imo.


I know right

Also how tf did a deagon lose a race to a mf cow

Dishonor on your cow


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I think someone in this thread has some tiger blood and upset that there’s better to be had via Chinese zodiacs.

Adventure (Video Game) - TV Tropes


Love this game! I have it on one of those little joystick-shaped plug into TV game devices. It’s also on the Atari 50th anniversary game/documentary for Switch.

What’s the name of this game? You have my curiosity

Adventure (and there is an Adventure 2 which seems basically the same thing although I tried it only once so far)

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