The downfall of Andrew Cuomo

2 accusations of sexual harassment by former staffers, Lindsey Boylan and Charlotte Bennett, and now a creepy incident at a wedding involving a 3rd chick, Anna Ruch.

Cuomo Accused of Unwanted Advance at a Wedding: ‘Can I Kiss You?’ - The New York Times (

I think this is gonna be the downfall of Andrew Cuomo. He was so worshipped in the spring of last year. Now one by one women are coming forward. I don’t think that 3rd one counts as harassment, but shows his entitlement attitude towards women and truly creepy. sad. I used to like him :frowning: I’m guessing there are more allegations to come that I’ll add to this thread.

There is a bit of a double standard in that Trump and Kavanaugh got away with outright rape and sexual assault and still had their political careers, but I think Cuomo is done at this point. He’s a creep. None of this rises to the level of Trump or Kavanaugh’s crimes towards women, but still pretty bad. You can’t really be a creep as a democrat these days, only a Republican. Could in the 90’s as Bill Clinton, but the 90’s are history.

I think that Cuomo could have overcome the undercounting of nursing home deaths, but these accusations by women are gonna do him in.

Cuomo will resign gracefully, whereas a Republican in this situation would fight every accusation tooth and nail, using all sorts of dirty backroom blackmail techniques to try to discredit his accusers.

I don’t think Cuomo will resign. He is entirely capable of hardball politics, just ask Assemblyman Ron Kim. Look at his initial moves: Use my pick for investigator. No wait, use the AG and Chief Judge. OK, whoever AG picks.

There wasn’t much noise in December when Boylan made her initial tweet. Cuomo had a spokesperson deny. The 2nd and now third accusation (with pictorial evidence of contact) make it more difficult to believe his denials. One would think #Me Too would have curbed his behavior, but seemingly not.

You need the red font here.


Speaking generally, it appears to me that the right typically defend their politicians from scandal whereas the left yeet them into the sun.

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It’s amazing the scandal of the disastrous decision to send sick people back to nursing homes didn’t do it, but if there’s merit to the accusations then he’ll be done.

He really did well off the leadership vacuum Trump left during the scariest part of the COVID crisis.

I’m not entirely sure he should resign over the nursing home scandal. Maybe I dont know enough about it, but was under the impression he did the best he could with a bad situation thrown at him.

It was definitely a bad situation, but that decision is probably one of the worst individual decisions made in the entirety of the crisis nationwide in terms of lives lost.

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It is rarely ever the action that causes the problem. It is the cover-up. In his case, he attempted to obfuscate the impact by lying and refusing to release the data.

I’d need to know how much of that decision was Cuomo’s alone, and how much of it relied on his experts to pass judgment on this. I was under the impression that his experts decided the policy there. If not, and it was all Cuomo, he needs to resign.

Not an unfair thought, but even so… the buck should certainly stop with him.

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yeah, this confuses me. i thought that early on, cuomo made it clear what he was basing nursing home deaths on. was obviously a bad metric, but i thought he made it clear in his briefings. maybe not. still not entirely sure he should resign over this though. i’ll have to ponder. the nursing home deaths were a complete disaster. my father was lucky that he survived this fuck up of a policy even though he caught covid in a nursing home. but he caught it early on in march, so hard to say if it was due to the policy or not.

but he shouldn’t have to resign over it. again, thrown in a bad, unchartered situation where decisions needed to be made. now they know better. this has literally never happened before in new york.

with the women, as grown adult, he should have learned don’t be a creep, but men are complete idiots when it comes to women sometimes. he’s also from an era when this was acceptable, but never adapted when it became unacceptable. i’m more willing to kick him out for not learning the don’t be a creep rule. some of those incidents were very recent and sexual harassment training is required in new york. if he can’t follow the rules the rest of us take training on, kick him to the curb.

Yeah he was in a bad, uncharted situation and he made about the worst choice you could have made in order to be hyper conservative on hospital bed space that didn’t end up getting used. Military leaders make these sorts of decisions during war all the time, if you got your unit massacred you’re probably not moving up, let alone if you’re the general.

isn’t that a reason to vote him out rather than he resign?

Well that is certainly no excuse. Either the accusations have merit or they don’t. If they have merit then there’s no ambiguity about what the result should be.

I wasn’t using that as an excuse. I was just stating it. It amazes me sometimes how clueless they can be. I think he likely was somewhat clueless that women weren’t comfortable with how he was acting.

Yeah that’s fair, he made a bad choice amongst options so seems reasonable that’s not really a resign thing. Just lends that thought because of the impact on deaths.

But the fact that he misled how bad the count was starts to look nefarious and worth demanding resignation.

I think many men feign cluelessness relying on benefit of the doubt. These are grown ass adults touching other adults.