The Democratic Capitalist Party

I think I figured out what to call the 3rd party I want to create. I see the biggest problems from the 2 parties now is that one is anti-democracy and the other is anti-capitalism. IMO these are the bedrocks of what it means to be America. Is this the ticket for our 3rd party? Who would join it with me?

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Is the Democratic Republic of the Congo actually democratic?

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Probably more so than the DDR was.or the DPRK is today.

In Canada, you’re unelectable if you wander too far from center. I feel like you’re unelectable right now if you wander too close to center.

the real answer to your problems in America is to have more money.

In Soviet Russia, center elects YOU!

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Republocrats if you’re leaning more right than left

Demlicans if you’re leaning more left than right

Druid if you’re true neutral.


A small minority of Democrats might be called “anti-capitalist”.
But, I don’t see very many federal elected officials proposing an end to private property or private capital.

In fact, after much huffing and puffing about “tax the rich”, they couldn’t even eliminate the step-up-in-basis, which is a huge gift to capitalists, allowing some of them to pay zero tax on their primary source of income.

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I’ve thought of a political party that I’d support. I don’t have a name, but the slogan is “Government for Grown-ups”.

For example: If you want government services, be willing to pay for them.

And: Let’s trust the voters to make some actual decisions.

See: California.

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Okay, what about CA? The legislature is a model of wise governance but the voters mess it up?

I don’t think all these states are burdened by their initiative and referendum laws:

Note that the first to states to legalize recreational weed did it by citizen initiatives.

And, yes, if we’re going to have referendums, we probably need reasonable rules around them.

I think greed and selfishness have made the Proposition System too much of a mess. “Of course I want to lower my taxes, so of course I will vote for that law which lowers my taxes AND which requires a proposition and a 67% yes vote for every tax increase.”

This is not a new revelation:

“When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.”
– Ben Franklin, allegedly

Actually, in your tax case, they are voting to not give money to the gov’t.

But, if the state has to balance its budget, the result of lower taxes if less spent on gov’t services. That’s an okay result if the voters understand the tradeoff.

Our federal budgeting is messed up by the fact that the federal gov’t doesn’t have to balance its budget. So politicians can give voters and endless stream of increasing services and decreasing taxes.

I think it is better seen as anti Corporate Capitalism. I agree with the twigster, very few Ds are against private property. They may feel undue pressure is brought to bear on Govt by industry groups, but it falls far short of the October revolution.

Democrats are in bed with private business just as much as Republicans, they just want stronger regulations and higher taxes to pay for programs while Republicans want to cut services, taxes and let business regulate themselves.

There is no real leftist party at all to speak of in America.