The Boys

Anyone watching this show on Amazon Prime. I just started it and after 5 episodes I am hooked. The setting is a world where most of the superheroes work for an American corporation called Vought. They sell the heroes protection to cities and manage their PR. They have a Justice League analog called the 7 led by a Superman analog named Homelander. Homelander is the Antagonist.

Meanwhile there is a 20 something named Hughie who is walking down the street with his girlfriend when A-Train (The Flash analog) runs at full speed right through her basically exploding her into blood and bits all over Hughie. This puts Hughie in the path of Billy Butcher who runs a team bent on exposing the superheroes for who they really are.

Have watched all seasons as they rolled out. Show is awesome. Enjoy the ride.

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It really is. On season 3 now. This show is cast so well. The guy who plays Homelander really plays the part well.

girl you’re way late to the game.

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I watched an episode or two.
Lost interest.

I really am.