The anti-(mask mandate) mandates

How crazy on a level between 1 and crazy?

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Not crazy if you are looking to profit off Regeneron.


So - we’ve got mask-mandates at the local level. “No mask-mandates” mandates at the state level. Now we just need a federal “No ‘no mask-mandates’ mandates” mandate.


I had to read that several times to make sure you had it right, but you do. (I think)

Well done, sir!


Except re-reading the title, I think you’re thinking of the wrong mandates.

1) No-mask mandate (crazy, unless you’re looking to profit off Regeneron)

2) No-mask-mandates mandate (ie, banning the banning mandates (not crazy and the topic of the thread)

Again, I might be reading this wrong.

I read it as anti-(mask mandate) mandates.

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Hmmm, I guess that looks right. I didn’t get the beginning part right I guess.

So I take back my post.

Going to use that. Good post Dear Aunt Sally.


As far as the question, it’s crazy and seems like a political miscalculation. The best political move for a governor right now seems like no mandate at all. Encourage vaccination and indicate how you feel about masking, but leave it to the local government / school board.

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I am curious, who is getting Regeneron? Does everyone who needs it get it? or is it reserved for trump & Abbott & Jesse Jackson?

They seem to be handing it out in libraries in Florida. Doesn’t seem like the sort of place the elite would go for an infusion. Didn’t they also open a stadium as well?

Republicans really like big government and removal of private businesses’ rights lately. Everything is completely upside-down.