The 20 Fastest Growing Jobs in the Next Decade

Yes, actuaries are on there. We’re orange (computer & mathematical)

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Switchboard operators also made the list, so we’re in good company.

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I think this uses base salary.

I was surprised to find out that my best friend from college who works at amazon and isn’t even a software engineer makes around 300k a year with stock.

And my other friend who’s 28 who is a software engineer at google just bought a 2 million dollar condo.

Amazon has like a max salary cap at 180k I think. So most of their $$ is in stock.

I chose the wrong profession.

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They’re on there for declining however. Sad for them.

What it uses is the BLS definition of “actuary”, which includes actuarial students, etc. I think they’re going by actual median income.

Calling bullshit on that chart. I don’t see “cryptocurrency developers” or “NFT developers” anywhere.

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My brain hurts. Sometimes I think it’s better to just have one graph per pair of variables.

The con is that you have to work for Amazon

I don’t really care about what company I work for so long that I get paid.

Go work for Amazon then

I CAN’T. I tried. I’m too weak. My credential is worthless.

Fucking actuarial societies. Obviously the answer here is that we need to be experts in supply chains and shipping. Maybe we need to look for hippogriffs that can help us expand into that area.


Are we gonna end up with another wave of students with P, FM, etc that can’t find jobs??? :man_facepalming:

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