The 1021 Project

Oh no’s Columbus did not discover the United States of America!! Some other white(r) people did!!

Canada <> United States of America, but then neither are the Bahamas and other Caribbean Islands. But cool story otherwise.

Part of the joke, sir.

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I’m just looking out for our neighbors to the north. I want them to know that we fully recognize them as a sovereign nation and not as the 51st state (even if they have funny looking money)


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Look, if the lands didn’t stay discovered, then it doesn’t matter.

Going over, make a short-lived settlement, and then nobody figuring you were there for about 1,000 years… that doesn’t count for much of anything, other than a note that sure, Vikings went from Greenland to Newfoundland at one point. (oh, and the Vikings were in Greenland for a short time as well, but the end of the Medieval Warm Period shut that one down.)

This is an appropriately good time to put this here:

The NYT has a story today, too. Really cool stuff.