______ that reminds you of another poster

We have a thread for comics that remind you of another poster. This is a catch all thread for any other things that remind you of a poster.

First entry: a mayo eating contest has broken out at the Dukes Mayo classic football game.

Not sure who that reminds you of, but said contest nauseates me.

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Texas anti-abortion bill reminds me of certain catholic poster that accepted the racist violence and hate crimes that Trump encouraged because of the promise of an Anti-pro-choice SCOTUS.

It reminds me of mayo fan

… or aoli fan.


Ah yes mayo fan. I suspect they didn’t love mayo as much as they claimed.

Another mayo fan sighting? This dude apparently decided the thing to do on college game day is to coat your body with a vat of mayo

Every time I see a physician who tweets about being blocked by Vinay Prasad.


Fresh baked fragrance

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Unlike Subway, I don’t put yoga mat chemicals ( azodicarbonamide) in my bread - but the white flour I use has zit cream chemicals (benzoyl peroxide) in it!!! Yum yum… :thinking: :crazy_face:

I am cross posting this in the Funny and WFW thread.


I feel like @Vorian_Atreides would wear this costume.

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I got an email from an Italian lawyer about an inheritance from someone with no heirs. I was chosen because the deceased and I have the same surname, which was never mentioned.

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\textcolor{red}{\text{OMG Kenny G died?}}

If the first word is “JOLLY” then there’s a missing O & L, jo?


I think I posted this on the AO a long time ago, but I got a call from a lawyer because I was an heir. Not me, I’m sure. Lawyer said you are [my name] who resides in [my state]? Yes, but my grandfathers both died many years ago and their children were alive (and grandchildren too) at the time. Told my dad the story, and he said there was another [my name] who lived not far from us. His brother had been at the shelter in our small town recently. Got the dude in touch with the lawyer, and it was actually their grandad.