Thanksgiving plans

Yo I heard Thanksgiving was coming up next week. What are ur plans

Turkey dinner with mashed potatos and veggies. :yum:

What, that’s our thing, get outta here

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But afterwards, we put our dishes in the dishwasher. That’s where things diverge.

Hmm, maybe I’ll smoke a turkey breast soon.

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Whatcha ganna do aboot it???

Drove 5 hours to have turkey and ham with my aunt, cousin, her boyfriend, and her boyfriend’s daughters this evening.

We ended up doing take-out, after my aunt’s dog decided to help herself to the ham and turkey while we were saying grace before dinner.

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Do you live in a sitcom?

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I’m waiting for American Thanksgiving.


In the 70’s Fahrenheit and sunny in Vancouver so going up the valley to an orchard tomorrow to pick some apples and get some pumpkins. Had hoped to watch some baseball tomorrow but things didn’t turn out on that front…

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Posting from hell?

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I meant 70’s Fahrenheit, of course, and have corrected it. I usually use Celsius as I know the translation to Fahrenheit is hard for Americans. 70’s is hellishly hot for Vancouver in October.


At least with my family it’s a sitcom. My wife’s family is more of a soap opera.

After years of misery of navigating the hordes of people traveling for American Thanksgiving, and the stresses of having busy social calendars between American Thanksgiving and Christmas, the crush of work getting ready for year-end, trying to squeeze in a discrete celebration for my/my wife’s anniversary (we got married on an Thanksgiving weekend), etc., etc., etc. I convinced my family that it’s better to celebrate Thanksgiving on a Canadian schedule.

Last night, I made anniversary dinner reservations for my wife and I at a restaurant at one of the Connecticut casinos for the night before US Thanksgiving. We know from past experience that the casino will be chill and the crowds limited that night. And we’ll be driving over late enough that the worst of holiday traffic will have dissipated.


Some say Halloween is the gay thanksgiving

Headed to WI. Thursday night Packers game v. Titans. Then Hunting in Monroe, WI over the weekend. Working at my old office in Kenosha the 3 days before Turkey day. Black Friday chasing the Goose Island Bourbon County beers.

Thanksgiving is getting out of control here.

My daughter asked to go see an aunt (my mom’s sister) and her wife bc the wife is dying. I am off the week of Thanksgiving so I suggested we go then. They are in Florida and the wife is late 80’s I think and dying of cancer. The kid wanted to see her one more time and offer comfort to the aunt.

In the course of making plans, I called my uncle (dad’s brother) who lives on the other side of Florida and ended up promising to see him.

I mention all this to my dad (bc we were originally supposed to host Thanksgiving) and he and my mom want to come with us. They’ll rent a van, and we can trade off driving. I am extremely anxious about driving a van, and riding in a vehicle with my dad or daughter driving. My mom doesn’t drive unless she has to.

So then mr aj offered to come with us. And then daughter—whose trip it was to start with—said 5 is too many fat people in one vehicle for such a long drive.

So we are meeting on Saturday to discuss plans.

Have I mentioned how non confrontational I am? It ties me up in knots to say no to any of these people.

I think we might eat dinner sometime that week.

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We haven’t quite decided but it looks like we will host this year. Our in-laws (n=3, they have an adopted daughter), my wife’s foster brother and his family (n=4), plus the three of us, so ten people. Doable.

Not sure what I’ll prepare, I could fire up the egg and smoke a turkey. I will absolutely use this as an excuse to order a fancy charcuterie board or make one myself. We have often done non-traditional Thanksgiving meals. One year I did ribeye steaks with a maple glaze, and one year we did Mexican Thanksgiving - my wife made flan and it was funny to watch a bunch of people from rural Kansas kind of give it the side-eye. I hadn’t considered that they’d never seen flan, and they refused to believe that it was just a custard type thing.

Charcuterie! If I have room, I may bring something like that as my contribution to whatever meal we have.