Thank you!

As my Dad spouts his nonsense about election fraud and how we need Trump and McConnell and such, I just want to thank all of you for helping me to sharpen my views and hone my arguments over the years. While it’s hard to cite specific examples, I can definitely say that reading many well-reasoned viewpoints over the last 17+ years has impacted how I view the world, and especially the world of politics.

I wouldn’t have been a Trump supporter, even without AO and now GoActuary, but participating on these two boards over the years has definitely given me some talking points and helped me refute some of the nonsense spouted by my Dad in particular. Obviously he raised me and played a big role in shaping my views and it’s taken some of you to help me see the cracks in that foundation.

So thanks to all of you who have made reasoned arguments over the years, called me out on misperceptions / inaccuracies, and educated me on areas where my knowledge was weak. Especially if you were polite while doing so. :smile: :+1:


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I don’t have much opportunity IRL to argue politics, but the AO has been a real learning experience. I used to think I had excellent, clear reasoning to support my opinions – certainly any reasonable person would see the wisdom of my thoughts in with just a little discussion. I was wrong.

There are more sides and more views than I realized. There are embedded values in my opinions that I hadn’t recognized. I value the discussion a lot.

(Regarding your Dad, IIRC he has a ph D. That’s kind of rare for Trump supporters.)


My dad and my brother both have masters degrees and are both Trump supporters :man_shrugging:

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Is Fox News (or OANN) addictive? Like, it has some subliminal messaging?

It’s on all the time in my mom’s house and she voted for Biden and thinks Kamala Harris is the greatest thing since sliced bread. :woman_shrugging:

Sample size = 1

I disagree with this statement on the basis that there have been many great things that have happened between sliced bread and Kamala, such as Little Caesars

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Back atcha twig. I agree with you that my involvement with all y’all has made me more knowledgeable and with a wider view of the world. I am glad it has been the similar for you.

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Yep, PhD in a STEM field from an Ivy League school… dislikes Trump as a person, but likes Trump’s policies and court appointments.

If it were only that Trump is rude and crude and lazy and selfish, I could see that.

My problem is that part of the Trump persona is a willingness to destroy our democracy to get what he wants. That’s a whole nother level to me.

This. And once you’ve been intentionally cruel to children? Nothing else you ever do matters one iota.