Testing after you have had covid?

From PCR Test for COVID-19: What It Is, How Its Done, What The Results Mean

So if you know you had covid (not me, fortunately) and believe you have recovered, is there any testing you can do and be confident you’ll know your status afterwards? (Presumably if you get a negative PCR test you feel sure, but the test might well come back positive regardless of your current status.)

That link does go on to say

If they reported the CT with PCR results instead of just the binary +/-, it would be a much better indication. Presumably the lab has that info; maybe one could ask for that?

It’s called a calendar. Wait five days after your positive test if you’ve been vaccinated, ten if not.
I’m not sure how long your “positive” status stays with you via tests. I do know (from experience) it’s shorter than 10 months.

[humblebrag]I know a student who attends Harvard.[/humblebrag] Harvard gives all (except as noted in her response) students pcr tests 3 times a week. I asked her about people who already tested positive.Her response