Wimbledon 2022 has started. We seem not to care for this sport a whole lot, so one thread to rule them all.

First up: The Underhand Serve.

As there is no rule against it, I, too, am not against it.

MLB should get involved and force the receiver of the serve to stay in a specified area. For the good of the game, and all that shit.

Michael chang used it to good effect on his way to winning the French open.

My interest in tennis tends to wax and wane depending how many Canadians are contenders. This is currently a reasonably good time for our men and women so I will follow Wimbledon. I also like the traditions around Wimbledon.

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MLB has enough of their own problems to fix before they worry about imposing their will on Tennis, imo.

Every Asian parent made their kids play tennis in the 90s cause they wanted their kids to be like Michael Chang.

I keep waiting for Bouchard to make a comeback but she’s running out of time. Seems to be more common on the woman’s side to burn out at a young age.

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You cannot play tennis with a hockey puck.

Words to live by.

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Men’s athletic peaks are a few years older than women’s. Also why you see 16 y.o. women making waves at grand slams while men don’t even qualify at that age.

There are (GENERALLY) also other psychological/emotional elements at play regarding the development of young women’s tennis players.

Time has run out for Bouchard I fear. She couldn’t handle the early fame psychologically?

Andreescu floundered after winning the 2019 US Open but that was due to injuries: she may still excel. Leyla Fernandez has played well since going to the 2021 US Open Final and I think she will be a star.

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Serena Williams announces she is retiring after US Open. Hard to believe it has been almost 27 years since her first professional match in Quebec City.

Ruud’s call on himself for not getting to a ball before it bounced 2x is incredible gesture. Of course, some turn to the fact this should be unnecessary as Umpire should have video capabilities. I like the fact that in the final of the US Open, this guy took away a point from himself and it potentially cost him. He gains the good karma from this and will gain fans he never would have otherwise.

Alcaraz is the real deal. This kid is going to make things tough for a long time to come. Happy to see Tiafoe play well. He now knows what he is playing for and should respect it more going forward. Can’t win a 5th set serving 25% first serve.

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That’s one thing I like about tennis is that in your very-early-competitive years you’re expected to make those calls when the ball is on your side of the court (because there’s no line judges or chair umpire or replay official)…at least, that’s my understanding…so, it’s in their nature to make these calls.

Also, you could tell by the body language of both players that they both saw it bounce twice.

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