Ted Hoffman's hip surgeries (#1 1/14, #2 7/22) and recoveries

No . . . thrown off? Possibly.


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I definitely have questions.


One of my Facebook friends posted a picture of her mom who just got a new hip. She’s still in the hospital, wearing a t-shirt that says:


Except the first part was massively larger than the last. At least she has a sense of humor about it!

I would definitely ask about the bruise. I wonder if someone was leaning on you during surgery and you were under so you couldn’t complain. Or something along those lines.

I am also attending hip surgery. I am stressed about this. I have never been so stressed about surgery in my life. I am a little bit afraid of doctors, so it might be one of the most things that affect me. I remember when I had to get a nice plastic surgery at https://www.drbustillo.com. I was extremely stressed because I was going to get my first surgery in my life. Luckily the doctors from that clinique helped me to get calm, and in the end, I wasn’t so scared about going to the surgery as in the beginning.

If it helps any . . .

My mom was selected for some experimental hip replacement surgery. She was mid-30’s; and the medical staff at University Hospital in Denver did the surgery and post-operative care (for about 5 years).

It took about 2 months for things to heal enough for her to put full weight on it; and another 6 months for her to “get use to” the new joint.

As a young child (~10), I could tell that walking could be very painful for her–especially if she had to carry anything over 20 pounds. About a year after the surgery, I could see a very noticeable difference in her.

The first hip lasted about 15-20 years. Her “second” hip is still doing well.


Sounds like the first hip lasted 30-something years, the second one 15-20 and she’s on her third now. :wink:

Glad she’s doing well with her hip replacements.

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