Techno reluctance

So I found out a friend of mine likes listening to techno so I try to start asking him the usual questions, like what his favorite songs/djs are etc. But he keeps trying to dodge the question, mumbles a bit and then changes the subject.

What gives? I just want to talk about techno, man.

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I too should start making threads about every random thing that pops into my head. I bet I could make more threads than smoothie.

I’m a big fan of this one.

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My favorite DJ is Gramatik. Very chill and somewhat jazzy even.

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you’ve always got us, dude.

one of my favorites:

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I don’t know the titles or artists of most of the songs I listen to and even those that I like. Probably would have difficulty with lyrics or melody as well. But I do enjoy listening to certain types of music, though Techno is one I would probably seek out.

Though now that I think about it, I should probably listen to the ones posted above since I might not even know the genre I listen to.

Techno is interesting because I couldn’t name 95% of the artists I listen to. Too much collab and people named things like “DJ NIGHTMRE”.

I can one-up you, I don’t even understand the words of a lot of the songs I listen to. I do searches like ‘romanian top 10’ and ‘turkish pop music’, and find cool songs for my playlist. Note, I don’t speak romanian or turkish :).

I thought eminem is rap or hip hop. what makes something techno?

In the video he says nobody listens to techno it’s too late you’re too old it’s over.

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