Tech question for you young people

I heard phones removed the headphone jack or something. How do I use my expensive headphones that still work with new phones? And does this mean I can’t charge the phone if I have my headphones plugged in?

I see a $9 adapter in your future…

It means you cannot listen and charge at the same time.

You can invest in some bluetooth headphones or earbuds. Then you can charge and listen simultaneously.

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Yep . . . the answer is to now buy the even more expensive blue-tooth headphones.

There are also “2-in-1” adapters that split so you can do both, like this one:

NB: this post is not an endorsement of this product


I don’t do steve sorry

Okay, but I think I know what words to google now, so I found an Android equivalent I think

I think I might just replace the battery on my 3 year old phone. I don’t feel like my phone has aged out of its usefulness yet, especially if the audio hasn’t changed at all which is the main thing I use it for other than calls.

I’m actually anti-apple too.

I was pro-android for a lot of years but 2 years ago I switched to an iphone.

It just works better.

The battery is way better than any android battery I have ever had (although I hate that it is soldered to the phone and not user serviceable)

The apps just work better and are more stable overall.

Group texting works much better within my family groups since we are now on all iphones.

All my friends have iphone so I switched to iphone like 3 years ago.

I like it.

Maybe it does, but some of my “friends” are such insufferable -ssholes about it, that to hell with them, to hell with their investments in apple, and this anti right-to-repair will never get my money so long as i can help it. People i know have iphones that get glitchy after only a couple of years.

My android experience has been fine.

Glad you enjoy your phone.

Maybe I should switch to Linux PinePhone

has a jack

Or get a bluetooth tx/rx unit to connect to your headphones?

no can do with the Bluetooth, I can’t let the headphones I spent several hundred dollars on go to waste

Something like: