Teamviewer alternatives

I’ve used Teamviewer for quite a few years. Recently, they’ve falsely accused me of using the software inappropriately - i.e., for “professional” purposes. The last time this happened I was able to write them a nice letter saying, “No, I don’t. I promise.” I don’t seem to have that option this time. So, what (free) alternatives are there out there? A google search shows me ultraviewer, but I have no idea if that’s any good/trustworthy/etc.


Take a look at Anydesk and Rustdesk.

Anydesk has been the preferred tool within my primary hobby to remote into computers.

However, the Anydesk folks have been increasingly constraining what’s permitted without buying a license. This has given rise to a near-clone, Rustdesk.

I do need to put a disclaimer that because of my remote-connection needs, I run my own Rustdesk server (within Docker on a NAS on my household network), which handles ID, security, and the rendezvous mechanic. I think there’s a general-purpose server available to handle such things for people who just want to use Rustdesk clients in simple use-cases…but as I haven’t attempted it, I’m not certain.

I suppose that it also should be pointed out that Rustdesk seems to be going down the path of attempting to monetize their software too. However running my own Rustdesk server should (I hope) insulate me from the worst of the potential annoyance of that effort.

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I don’t know what Teamviewer is. But based on MS post it appear to be a remote desktop application(?). I have been using Google Chrome remote desktop for a couple of years with no issue. I think I read when I started using it they weren’t supporting it anymore but I have not noticed any issues.

It is a Chrome extension, it is free, and easy to use.


Yes. This. It establishes a connection to another computer that also has this software and then I can control that computer.


I second Google Chrome remote desktop, I’ve used it for years to remote desktop from my phone into my desktop at home. Sometimes I remote desktop from my laptop into my desktop as well.