Teams ind vs business

I wanted a teams license, partially to be able to join calls setup by people with a teams business license.

So I bought an office 365 monthly subscription.

It appears this only gives me access to the free personal version of teams, not the business version. The personal version for example doesn’t seem to let you place a test call to verify your setup.

This is so stupid. Am I missing something? Can I safely join a meeting setup in teams for business on the personal version?

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In theory, free/personal Teams will connect to calls with real Teams.

However, there are plenty of reports that reality doesn’t always align with theory due to updates/evolution of Teams configs, and the various security rules that can be imposed by enterprises further aggravate making connections.

If you have need to connect with corporate Teams users, you probably want to switch to a small business Microsoft 365 subscription, rather than a personal version.

I’ll caution, however, that when I did that, Microsoft didn’t have the capability to migrate “personal” accounts into the “work” account required for a small business subscription. I doubt that’s gotten better, and having boith “personal” and “work” versions of a Microsoft account, especially if they both have the same email address, is its own kind of “fun”.

And note also that while the real version of Teams works well for scheduled meetings, there are security options that can be set by corporate IT folks that create headaches for using some of Teams’ features with folks in different organizations.

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I survived on the browser login to the corporate teams meeting (i.e. didn’t use the app)

Office is nice to have right now, but I’m not sure how long I’ll be willing to pay $8 a month for it.

Why use teams when you can use WeChat enterprise?

I don’t want jokes I tell in my meeting to impact my social credit score.

Other people often get to decide when they’re the ones setting up the meetings.